Thursday, March 19, 2009

NYC09: Brooklyn Bridge Crossing

The rain pelts down from above, rolling off the beak of my Hydrofoil 3 rain jacket. You might remember it from the time I was complaining about having to spend one hundred dollars on a jacket. But even then I knew – I knew – that the moment I found myself trapped in the rain, all thoughts of price would be forgotten.

This was definitely the case. As others walked by in their hoodies and sweaters, I simply smiled and nodded. Hours later, I would be dry, and not exuding that telltale scent of wet clothing. They on the other hand would be cold, and wet, and quite possibly miserable.

Most people would have found a warm and cozy place to shack up for this day – it would take something of exceeding importance to justify facing this dreary day. And for myself, and those whom I passed, such an experience was upon us.

Walking the length of the Brooklyn bridge is one of the greatest things to do in New York City. It offers beautiful views of the city, a glimpse of breathtaking craftsmanship, access to a wonderful part of New York. Best of all, it's free. A memorable experience in one of the worlds greatest cities, without having to spend a dime. Even in the rain, what more could anyone ask for?

Walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn is a great experience, especially if you plan on exploring the community. There's nothing better than seeing the Welcome to Brooklyn sign on the bridge as you finally cross over. However, for the best views, you'll want to walk the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Opening before you will be great views of the beautiful city skyline. Overhead you'll see the suspension wires criss crossing, here today as they were over a hundred years past.

As I walked the entire length, I mused on just how inconceivable this construction must have been when it was first built in the 1800s. For something to amaze me today, despite how conditioned I've become to the unexpected – it must have been breathtaking to those with little for comparison.

By all means, if you're in the city – take a trip to High Street / Brooklyn Bridge station, and then walk back to Manhattan. It's impossible for anyone to have a bad time here. Except Gwen Stacy.

Still too soon?


  1. I've never done this and your photographs alone ensure that I will someday. LOVE these short, colorful (despite the weather that day) tidbits on NYC from your perspective. -- Tammie

  2. I biked over it. It was so much fun!!


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