Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 10 Sites to Help You Save Your Vacation Money

We all love to travel - but we don't always have the money to do so. In bygone days, we would talk to knowledge uncles, or listen to stories three times removed from "a friend of a friend." We would hear of elusive tips to save money, find deals, or earn some sort of secret travel club card that would allow us extra savings.

But these days, it so much easier than that. A simple web search will hook you up. But do we have time to search through internets? Clearly not - and that is why I, here at previously.bitten, have decided to create a list of the top 10 money saving sites for you.

1. Readers Digest: 6 Sececrt Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation
Readers Digest does it again, bringing tips such as "The best time to book an airline ticket is 12:01am on Wednesday," and "the best time to book a Hotel is any time during a Sunday Afternoon."

Now, sure those might be the only two great tips - but check out their explainations.

2. 12 Frugal Vacation Tips
Their final tip, Follow the Workers, is a great one. When you're looking for food in a foreign city - find the construction workers, find the labourers. They're the ones who want to eat a lot, and they'll want to do it cheap.

3. Delicious Baby: Money Saving Trips the Travel Industry Doesn't Want You to Know
Hey, if you have access to credit card companion fees, then by all means use them. Some real-world, tried tested and true tips can be found here.

4. The Frugal Traveler Blog
The Frugal Traveler Blog knows what it's doing, and it does it well. Follow the journey of those, like yourself, looking to pinch a penny there, and save a pound somewhere else. It's good reading, and full useful tips.

5. Step by Step Budget Tips
This is an About.com site, and as such it may come across very basic, but that doesn't mean there aren't great tips to be embraced here. See Beijing and the Great Wall of China in One Day, as well as How to get Bumped for a Free Ticket are great tips that you might find yourself using in the future.

* * * * *

Allright, well it turns out that was only 5 links, and not 10 at all. But to make it up to you, I will forward you to a site that - if you don't already know about - you really should. It's the Ultimate Resource for the Independant Traveller: Boots and All. That should count for five. It really, really, should.

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