Sunday, April 12, 2009

Interview @ The Flying Pinto

Well, it's one thing to read my stories here - but reading them somewhere else can be twice as fun! I gave an interview over at FlyingPinto. Please go over and give it a read. Who doesn't love hearing backstories from a flight attendant? So click on that link, head on over, and enjoy.

If anyone out there wants to guest post, or interview / be interviewed drop me a line. I'm always open to fantastic suggestions.

Coming up over the next week will be Tales from the American Roadtrip. From Toronto, to Columbus - through the American Fast Food Wasteland, Outlet Shopping Malls, Steak Houses, Cheap One Night Motels, and Soccer Games. (Perhaps with less unnecessary capitals, than I left here.)

All the best.


  1. I left a long comment on the post about you on The Flying Pinto (go check it out because you ARE inspirational and you should know that). Great interview and it filled in the blanks that I've not taken the time to fill in on your own site! Shameful but true, I've not spent enough time here. But I'm watching what you're doing and I'm so glad to share in this journey you're on. And you are currently ON it despite the fact the school year is not over. And you'll be on it indefinitely when you return. You'll be writing things about this for the rest of your life. And we'll be reading it, glad to be able to follow along. -- Tammie

  2. Thanks again! I got lots of feedback, and everyone loves your site: )


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