Sunday, August 2, 2009

There are Dinosaurs in YYZ!

There are dinosaurs in YYZ! I could not make this up. I couldn't have even dreamed that something like this would be possible, never the less it is true. Let it be known that I have stated my affinity for dinosaurs a few times already. A term I often use is "Dinosaur awesome." Sure, some things are awesome - but there's awesome and then there is Dinosaur Awesome.

There's something about seeing the bones of these creatures that causes me to think back and really try to comprehend that these creatures existed. Next time you see cows think to yourself, millions of years ago those would have been giant herbivores. I think that's why I like emus so much - they remind me of dinosaurs more than anything else. You know, for a long while the emu was my favourite bird, but once I read Bill Bryson's A Sunburned Country, about Australia all of that changed. I learned there was a bird, much like the emu - the only difference is that it has razor sharp claws that it uses to jump at you, slicing open your belly. This bird is the Cassowary. Unfortunately this terrifying beast is in decline as its habitat is being destroyed.

But enough of this tangent - more importantly, I may not have mentioned this but - there are dinosaurs in YYZ!

Wait, what's YYZ you ask? Oh - sorry, I apologize, I just assumed everyone knew... If I said there were dinosaurs in LAX you'd have understood, but no - I'm sorry LAX - you don't have dinosaurs! YYZ does. YYZ is Pearson International Airport (better known as Toronto Airport - never mind that it's not actually located in Toronto.) I mean, come on - how could you not know this? The band Rush even wrote a song titled after it.

So where are these beasts? They are located right beside the international arrivals waiting area. That place where - oh sure, you go to pick someone up on time, but lets be honest - they'll never walk through the gate at a reasonable hour. So as you're waiting the extra twenty minutes for the corridor to connect to the planes door, and then for the attendants to fix the broken luggage belt, it's not as if you need just look sullenly at the bouquet of flowers you bought, wondering how wilted they will be before you can hand them off to she who is about to arrive. No - you can look at dinosaurs.

Two skeletons are on display for all to see in a stunning presentation brought to us all by the Royal Ontario Museum (or ROM.) Sure - some airports may have fancy monorails inside the buildings, or kitsch hanging over head - but we? We have dinosaurs!

I mean come on. There's awesome, but then there's Dinosaur Awesome!

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