Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 10 New York City Resources

Planning a trip to New York City? Here you will find links to various resources that you might find valuable. All of these entries were previously posted on my site - but rather than wading through the depths of my entire trip, I have consolidated them down to the top ten.

You will find a brief summary below the link, listing their key points as well as reasons why you might find them useful.

Full maps and itineraries can be found here, as well as offbeat sights nestled in with those that are obvious, but still not to be missed. Tips, flips [literally], and restaurant tricks can all be found below.

1. A Week in New York City
Looking for things to see? City walks to take? A way to budget all your desires into a limited amount of time? This article has it all - complete with a custom made google map detailing a variety of interesting locations.

2. How to Avoid Being Scammed
There is a lot of hustling in the city, and it's not limited to the people trying to quickly get from one location to the next. Con Artists are all around. Take some advice, and be prepared to deal with it. Unless you want to end up paying a lot for a little, take heed of these fine words.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Crossing
Walking across Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan is a fantastic experience. Even if it is pouring rain, it is an sight and an event not to be missed. Here you will find text, and images that will hopefully convince you of this.

4. New York Subway Tips
If it's your first time in the big city, you might find it daunting to get around. Fear not, because the MTA (New York’s Subway) is a very reliable and efficient service. However, if it is your first time in the big city wrapping your head around that might cause problems enough. Fear not: help is here.

5. 5 Pointz
A graffiti Mecca just outside of Manhattan. If you can't take the trip, at least view the images here and appreciate the art form, imagining the diverse range of artists who came together to make this site what it is.

6. Quickly Move through the Customs Line
No one likes waiting in hour long lines. But when we get off at any major airport, that's what we're always up against. Follow these simple steps and you will be breezing through to your connecting flight in no time. You just might feel a little less good about yourself.

7. New York City's [big] Apple Store
Pun aside, this is a building you will want to see for yourself. Sure you'll be surrounded by hipsters, but then perhaps you are one - then it will be even more perfect for you. Take the great glass elevator down to the iProduct filled depths below and shop to your hearts content. Or just view the cube. Best viewed at night, it's worth the trip at any time of day.

8. Twenty Minutes in Harlem
There is so much more to Harlem than I saw in my limited time. And for that, I regret not finding a chance to return. But in my limited time I saw a very different community. One that exists just north of Central Park. By all means, explore the world north of 114th.

9. Ground Zero
September 11th is something that many of us will remember our entire lives. A day which seemed to pause - stretching into weeks, into years. Ground Zero remains a testament of what happened on that day. But the question is: should ground zero still remain, with MTA lines reading "this stop is temporarily out of service."? At what point should new growth and the construction of Freedom Tower to commence?

10. The Jump
Street theatre is abundant in this city. Here is the literal flip you were promised.


  1. Hey previouslybitten, this is a really great top ten list. Thank you for the recommendation s and resources. I wasn't able to walk the Brooklyn Bridge as I had planned to, the weather was just too bad that day. Your subway tips are really good, I will incororate them next time I am in the big city. You can post this to our site http://www.toptentopten.com/ and then link back to your site. We are looking for top ten lists and our users can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  2. Hey previously.bitten, I think your travel blog is great! Ironically when I found your blog about NYC, I too just returned back from the big apple! It was interesting comparing outlooks on things. You have great information and awesome pictures... looks like you have a blast everywhere you go! My boyfriend and I are just starting out our blog so if you would like to check it out it is http://ashdrewtravels.blogspot.com



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