Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toronto Graffiti: Graffiti Alley: 10 Amazing Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds [3of3]

With the failing city behind, this is my favourite piece.

When chickens have fighter jets, what hope do we have?

Reminiscent of the Machine War

Modern art merges with traditional.

Honesty is the Best Poetry.

Stretching the length of the garage, the soft tones prove contrast.

Well created tags can prove art all their own.

Toons, the sequel. The original is probably long since covered.

Winter's Gone..

Supplication for all Saints

note: Graffiti Alley is a Graffiti Mecca in Toronto. Toronto's Graffiti alley is a lane that runs just south of Queen Street West, entering east off of Spadina. Some people will convince you that this alley ends at Portland, where you are forced onto Richmond. However, if you explore both east and west of Graffiti Alley, what is labeled Rush Lane on Google Maps, you will find much more street art lurking around. The alleys that run north and south from these lane ways also make for excellent galleries.

All of these images were shot on Rush Lane. Feel free to download these Graffiti Alley images and use them for your computer's desktop. They're all 1280x960. A perfect size. Enjoy.]

Gallery [1. 2. 3]


  1. #4: "peekaboo, jazz haaands"
    Response to #5: "your poem SUCKS"
    Love the Weebles in #9

    Looooooooooove #6.


  2. Hi Mike

    Your post got a mention on the Guardian Blog

    Best wishes

  3. Nice stuff. I especially like "Honesty is the best poetry. Gregory Alan Elliott" quote/tag ...any graffiti artist who signs his own name MUST be nuts!

    Gregory Alan Elliott

  4. Those are your stencils? Any tips on where else I should look around the city to see some good art? Dundas West -> Keele is a spot I need to hit up sooner than later. Any others?

  5. Hey P.B.,

    Go to here FOR SURE...

    Funktion Gallery, coincidentally, just east of Dundas West on Bloor at 1244 Bloor Street West...

    Jose and the others at Funktion have a group show featuring international artists... like...
    Lucamaleonte, OnPatrol, Pahnl, STiX, BRUTAL, Phily808, truemarmalade, Lismet32, JAMSXXXII, Katlyn Beattie, TheChew...

    Go here FIRST... then ask where they think are good spots to see great graffiti... the Funktion boys just did an alley in the neighbourhood that was funded by the Business Improvement Association.

    Go now.

  6. Hey P.B.,

    Did you know that K-Os is quoting me on The Hour with George Strombo? My graffiti quotes are all over K-Os' hood, for the past 8 years and he HAD to see my "Honesty is the best poetry - Gregory Alan Elliott" everywhere... If K-Os was THAT honest, he should have credited me with the quote, not made it look like it was his own revelation...

    It appears at about 6:15 into the interview, K-os... if you BELIEVE that "honesty is the best poetry", then credit the street poet who said it FIRST... and signed his real name to it. Me. Honest graffiti.

    Gregory Alan Elliott

  7. Wow, look at the ego on this guy!! Bad enough that you spray your bullshit over real graffiti art. If you were a real artist the cops would be on you like flies on shit, but even they don't take you seriously.


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