Friday, April 10, 2009

Toronto Graffiti: Graffiti Alley: 10 Amazing Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds [2of3]

One of the view "dark" images in Graffiti Alley

Of course the distressingly upbeat image is the one covered in tags.

The wall is gone.

The Eager Beaver seems to desire your friendship.

A poignant statement... but of what?

The art is not simply limited to the walls - everything becomes a canvas.

The modern style combines the artistic with the technological.

There is truth buried in the eyes, unseen.

I been here! I been lotsa places!

The ninja chicken is a well known Toronto staple. There are many.

[note: Graffiti Alley is a Graffiti Mecca in Toronto. Toronto's Graffiti alley is a lane that runs just south of Queen Street West, entering east off of Spadina. Some people will convince you that this alley ends at Portland, where you are forced onto Richmond. However, if you explore both east and west of Graffiti Alley, what is labeled Rush Lane on Google Maps, you will find much more street art lurking around. The alleys that run north and south from these lane ways also make for excellent galleries.

All of these images were shot on Rush Lane. Feel free to download these Graffiti Alley images and use them for your computer's desktop. They're all 1280x960. A perfect size. Enjoy.]

Gallery [1. 2. 3]


  1. There are some talented artists out there even if some see this form of art as junk. Nice shots here. Not sure which one I favour, they are all good.

  2. on this page, I'd say my favourite is the last one. But my overall favourite is the first on [3of3]


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