Monday, February 25, 2008

From Tokyo to New York City

[[ Would you like to update your travel itinerary? ]] Of course I would.

[[ Continue to booking? ]] Sure. One click, two clicks. Done.

[[ Your price has changed. Please review. ]] But, it’s only been seventy two seconds?

Seven minutes later, and my travel plans were confirmed. It is official. I am headed to New York City. Living in Toronto, Ontario, it’s not so much shocking that I’m going to visit this great piece of fruit; it’s shocking that it will be my first time there. I suppose one can't call the banana scented subway tunnels leading up to Universal Studio's now disassembled King Kong ride New York. Although, as the brochure informed, it was quite a faithful recreation.

The third week in March will be spent in New York, but what will I do when I get there? What will I see? Obviously, my first move was to reach for my Fodor’s Seen It: New York City. I’m sure I will spend the next three weeks flipping through it, and making plans, and creating schedules, only to reedit, destroy, and rework everything I created.

For a time, this would have been all that I did. But I’m wiser now, and I understand the dreadful limitations of travel guides. Sure they have pretty pictures, and useful information but they’re trying to reach a wide audience, and cover a lot of material. Now I understand there are other tools available for me.

It was exactly one year ago that I had just confirmed my travel plans for Tokyo. Back then I was flipping through travel books (much as I hate to admit it, I bought three.) I was limited to this option.

So what was this tool? What is this new resource? Blogs. Travel blogs. The kind that you’re reading right now. They are full of information that is directed to a specific audience; they try to convey a personal and human love of a city, a place or a culture. They do not simply direct you to the same places every other tourist has been before. Mind you, they do not neglect these places either, as they can offer wonderful experiences that are not to be missed. Things are popular for a reason, you know.

So with my new trip looming, I’d like to think back on the one that – not so long ago – passed. I hope to help you in setting up your own path perhaps incorporating some less than obvious sites into the mix.

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