Friday, February 13, 2009

Tokyo Japan: Life in Pictures [5 of 5] - Ueno and Beyond

Street performers playing The Beatles in Ueno Park

Actors working their trade in the park.

Visit the zoo, walk the park, take in some shows? It's up to you.

Japanese Cemeteries, beautiful; peaceful.

The cultural divide is obvious, and striking, and - wonderful.

As close to the Imperial Palace as one is likely to get.

This building pointed me home in Ikebukuro.

In Kamakura the great Buddha welcomes all.

Floral offerings are still provided.

From afar the Buddha dwarfs all visitors.

Kamakura was the only place I found a Souvenir store.

The small town offered many welcomed breaks from Tokyo.

Out there, through the fog, lies Fuji-Sama.

The Japanese work in somewhat unsafe conditions.

When the rain falls, every citizen pulls out an umbrella. Every. One.

Umbrellas find themselves traded and lost on an hourly basis.

In search of Manga I followed advice and ended up here.

Where all number of stores distracted and engaged my senses.

In Rappongi the giant spider looms.

Marking his territory, he stands a silent sentinel.

My final sight? The Eiffel Tower? Not quite.
The Tokyo Tower is to scale, but smaller.

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  1. wow, how long will u be in Japan, if u drink beer, can u help me to write some beer culture of japan for Or some Beer picture in japan that u want to share so that I can post on my blog!

  2. I love Tokyo. Was there last year and am hankering for it. Thanks for the virtual visit.

  3. Tokyo holds dear to me. I was there in '84 and '86. Sadly, that's the last time I was there. I love the Imperial Palace, Ginza, and riding on a bullet train. We went to this beautiful temple, which I can't recall where, but why does Nara rings a bell? Loved Mount Fuji, where we experienced an earthquake that launched me into a tatame wall. Needless to say, the lodge management was pissed, but the Japanese will never show you anything but courteous service.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


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