Monday, March 23, 2009

Business as Usual

Well, I’m back from New York now. Unlike Kurt Russell, my Escape from New York was neither difficult nor desired, but nevertheless, here I am back in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Back at work, to boot.

This last week has been an experiment in using this blog as my full travel log. I attempted to write in it, as I would in my hard bound dollar store notebooks I’ve taken around the world with me. The experiment was – well, it was both a success and a failure. It was a success in that I wrote a number of interesting posts, as well as managed to add accompanying images. But in the sense of how much time was required, it was definitely a failure. Something that will not be repeated for some time to come.

Each night I found myself writing for no less than two hours. Then, the addition of the pictures took another thirty or so minutes. Needless to say, these three hours at the end of the day could have been spent in – different ways.

And the thing I noticed? I spent the same amount of time writing, but whereas before I would have spread those three hours out on the subway, or in line for an exhibit, or even over dinner, I could not do that. Taking out a laptop at a restaurant seemed to be somewhat of a faux pas.

What does this mean for the blog? Not too much – it means that there will be the regular posts during my non-travelling times (about every other day), and perhaps one a day when I am on the road. One post a day seems to be a far more manageable number than say – oh I don’t know – 6? I’m sure it’s also far more manageable to read. Feel free to comment to that respect: What did you think of the posts? What did you think of the terrible number of them?

Where do we go from here? I’m back – but the memories, and thoughts, and all that decompression that follows a trip has not yet left me. So over the next week or so, I will be writing some reactions to New York City, a City Guide, a top 10 posts (Again, feel free to comment on what of the many posts were your favourite from New York City).

And then? Then we will take a closer look at some parts of Toronto. You’re excited, aren’t you?


  1. Hey, glad you had a good trip. I have to say that I didn't like the multiple posts per day. No wonder you were writing so much and taking so much time every day. Honestly I thought there was something wrong with my reader with so many posts dropping in it. Could just be me...

  2. Hey Previously Bitten, I've been reading your blog for sometime now. Here's my opinion. :) Stick to your little notebooks when you're on the road. When you have time and you feel inspired, write those special moments and use THOSE as your travel tales for your site. What I've learned from reading a ton of travelogues is that I want to read the interesting stories, but when we're traveling, we don't necessarily know what's the interesting story as it's happening. So it's good to have that extra time before posting the story to reflect on what made it so special, interesting, unusual, unique, etc. That being said, my travel blog is a work in progress that has yet to see the light of day. I have plenty of stories, just haven't started posting! I will keep reading your blog, though. :)

  3. thanks to the both of you. I feel the same way. This was all an effort to avoid carrying around 10 little hard cover books - but it looks like there will be no avoiding that. FedEX will become my friend.

  4. Hi, it's nice to have a laptop around, but I found (after the recent bloggers' trip) that notebooks work better for notetaking, logging information, making impromput sketches,etc. And I'm sure my fellow bloggers from the trip would agree with me, as notebooks were flying left and right in Israel. Our laptops were used as a "consolidator" of the notes taken that day, and as a repository for the hundreds of photos snapped.

    I was also wondering about posting from the road while I was in Israel. Would my readers feel inundiated with info from multi-posts? Would they like to hear from me--everyday? every other day? never? HEHEHE...

  5. I'm impressed that you were decidated with recording your stories and itineraries on a daily basis. When I went to Hong Kong for my March Break last week, I brought along a blank notebook, but I found myself too busy to be doing stuff all day long to be bothered with writing things down. This is something that I've been suffering for the last few years.

    If it felt to be an ordeal or not something that you enjoyed, then I wouldn't do it. I think blogging should be something that you enjoy doing. Maybe blogging about your travel stories need to happen after you're finished with travelling. Or if you feel totally inspired to blog during your travel, then do so. Maybe you need to find a balance among blogging, scribbling in your notebook, recording on your blog after the fact, etc. You can always put your blogs in a chronological order later, right? If so, then that's great for you!

    I wouldn't be so concerned about what your readers felt. I'd be thinking about what you felt about your experience and how you'd like to improve for the future. Good luck with figuring this out.

  6. I was curious how you were doing what you were doing from NY. As a journaler I've learned to write something in my journal every day,otherwise I forget what I've seen/done/feelings/opinions, etc. but at the end of a long day TRAVELING and taking in all that you can, writing a post I've discovered is a monumental undertaking -- one I do not promise my readers and I do not commit to myself to do. I don't want to be encumbered by this hanging over my head. I make notes in my book about ideas for posts, titles, themes and such, but that's it. I also think your readers will understand this. I don't even travel with a laptop. I take a tiny voice recorder and a moleskine. And well, a stack of napkins have been known to be attacked by my pen in a restaurant. Dining alone on my solo trips is often the most productive time for writing down thoughts that seem to inevitably come to me when I don't have the journal by my side. Besides, I agree with what someone else said about not having a story really gel until you've had time to reflect upon it. Please keep doing what you're doing! We're loving it!


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