Thursday, March 19, 2009

NYC09: New York's [big] Apple Store

To the Hipster-Cave!

Rush inside the cosmic cube, emblazoned with Apple logo, pass your own personal hipster butler wishing you a good day, evening, or night and jump into the great glass elevator, taking you below street level.

A moment later you will find that your secret lair is not so secret. All number of people will be crowding macbooks, and ipods, and brand new head sets. You'll see people trying to steal wi-fi signals set up on couches around the elevator. You'll notice employees in pastel coloured clothing – hopefully not – of their choosing.

And then you will probably want to run screaming, provided that you have not fallen into the glitz and glory of the shop.

Back to the hipster-vader, back to street level and then far far away. To FAO Schwartz toys (which is no more than thirty meters off. There's perfectly respectable place to spend some time.)


  1. Apple should just make a Hipster robot. Though a Hipster butler is just as amazing-sounding

  2. eeewwwwwww!! I agree about wanting to run. Not being much of a shopper, but definitely a dreamer, I'd choose FAO Schwartz hands down. Besides, for the 1st time in my life, I bought a phone. All the others have come free with the plan. The IPhone is fantastic, if pricey. So with this purchase, I see no reason to be shopping in the Apple store for quite sometime.

  3. The first photo is very impressive.The store sounds like it has a large following despite the economic times, or is it just a place to hang out and be seen?


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