Friday, March 20, 2009

NYC09: Build a Bear Workshop

Build a Bear Workshop
5th Avenue and 46th
New York City

Walking up 5th Avenue you might find yourself looking at the most disturbing logo you've ever seen. Now, in reality, I've been told it's quite cute. Perhaps I've just read Gulliver's Travels one too many times, but when I see a great number of little creatures climbing over a bigger version, especially when they are armed with needles, I tend feel quite uneasy.

The logo I speak of is none other than that of the Build a Bear Workshop where little bears climb all over a great big bear that has been clearly injured. Not only that, but these little bears are holding the larger creatures heart in their hand. One might assume they're puttng it in – but this makes no sense, as it was once together. By any reasoning, these little creatures are ripping the heart straight out of a cuddly teddy, for mystical reasons beyond my limited understanding.

Now, if you manage to get by that fact, step inside – unless you have children with you. If you have children with you, be prepared to drop $50.00 or face an onslaught of cries and wails. I certainly didn't issue any of my own, due to lack of funds.

Step 1: Grab a 'pelt'. This is the base for your bear. There are bears, and elephants, and carts, and scruffy puppies. The choices extend through three rooms, and two floors. If a basic animal is not what you want, there are also dinosaurs, people, and the newly added Unicorn (which a woman outside, with pink cape, was very enthusiastically advertising.)

These casings range in price from $30.00 all the way down to $10.00. A very reasonable price, isn't it? But the bear building fun doesn't end there.

Step 2: The next step is to hook it up to the stuffing machine. And then, when you have a semi-complete bear, you need to choose the clothing.

Step 3: Ahh, the clothing. This is where that $10.00 bear turns into a $50.00 bear. You will need pants, and a shirt. These are about $10.00 each, and then there are the shoes. That will run you another $7.00, If yo want your bear to have an iPod, or an electric guitar, those will run you a few more bucks here and there. These prices can tend to add up.

The store offers a great amount of fun for men and women of all ages. And the costumes range from New York Yankee, L.A Laker, Soldier, Tourist – and just about everything in between. They even have licensed costumes of Spider-man and Batman, so you can create your very own Spider-Monkey, or Bat-Cat.

Whether you wish to purchase a bear or not, a stroll through these floors is well worth your time.

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  1. I love build a bear workshop why make fun of the very cute mascot?


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