Monday, March 16, 2009

NYC09: Macy's to Rockefeller Center

Starting from Macy's department store, I began my trek to the Rockefeller Center. I made a quick pass by Madison Square Gardens, and the Empire State Building (where I got hosed for ten dollars) and then it was back on track.

As I looked up at the Empire State Building, I finally felt as if I was in the New York of mythological legend. I was in the city of heroes, both real and fictional.

American flags hung from building lining fifty avenue, and modern constructions were merged with older run down apartments, more suited to Gotham City than here. Large water towers topped buildings sporadically, finally appearing as something real in my life, rather than a projectile weapon in SNES beat-em-up games.

This was the New York City through which heroes would fly, and Spider-man could traverse by home-made webbing.

Radio City loomed before me, illuminated and shining brightly – a fine piece of New York history; a telltale indication that the Rockefeller Center has been reached.

New York City is not only built up of heritage, and classical constructions. In fact, at the corner of Park Avenue, and 53rd street, an art exhibit with states of Miffy the Rabbit, and Hello Kitty (one gargantuan in size, on a pedestal) can be viewed, photographed, and posed with. This is what I love about NYC – no one would have ever expected such pieces, and yet there they were before me. An absolute delight.

[the events described occurred while following the walking tour located on page 248 of the Fodor's Seen it New York 2008.]

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