Monday, March 16, 2009

NYC09: Time's Square Pizza and Barbie Dolls

The night ran on, and led me back to Time's square where I was determined to find the pizza I had my first night in town. Unfortunately, as I was not the most focused, and more than slightly overcome with the lights and sounds of the city the pizza remained quite elusive.

Luckily there is one thing that you can always do when lost in New York City – or, you know, just looking for some good pizza. Ask a police officer. They can be a regular officer, a metro officer, a treasury officer, or a time's square officer. They can be walking, biking, or on horseback. Any sort of combination is yours to question, and all of them are friendly and knowledgeable.

The one I was lucky enough to run into directed me one block over, and two down. There, as I was promised, lay the restaurant I sought.

Inside, I ordered a full pizza, and began to mow down. Once again, it was a cultural experience. But, having just devoured more in one day, than I had eaten up to this point combined, I became lethargic and slow. Perhaps back to the hotel would be my best option.

But it was night time in New York City, and I was in Time's Square. There would be no early nights. So what exciting plan did I concoct?

...Back to Toys R Us.

And the worst thing is, that was not the most embarrassing part. It was what I discovered there. Something I had missed on my first pass: The Barbie Dream Mansion. Two floors to explore, walk through, and shop around.

There were super hero dolls: Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Black Canary. There were cartoon characters: Betty Rubble, and Wilma Flintstone. Retro Barbies, remodels dating over the last fifty years. There was even a fantastic cast of I Love Lucy characters from when they were working the chocolate line.

There were all numbers of Barbie and Barbie related merchandise. I wish that I could say I walked away and didn't learn all these things. But we all know that just wouldn't be true.

For what it's worth, I noticed more men than women walking out of the over sized pink homestead. Still – that doesn't quite make me feel better.

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