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Resources for Round the World Travel

You may have noticed that little link up there (just look a few inches up your screen. Yup, that's the one. There it is.) labeled Resources.

Well, if you've not clicked on it yet - you might want to do so when you've finished reading this post. As I'm planning my Round the World Trip (remember, I am doing that. That's all part of this blog too.) I have had to search out a number of resources. Placing them all in one place seemed the right thing to do. And while I started using my google/bookmarks, wouldn't it be neat, I thought, to host them all here as well.

This post will walk you through a number of those resources, and perhaps point you in the right direction for your own planning.

Travel Information
[ projectvisa.com - visa information around the world ]
Project Visa is a well controlled web site that will direct you any number of consulates around the world. Whether you're looking to travel to Kenya, or looking to travel from Kenya it's the one stop shop for all your visa needs.

The website not only links to the required sites, but also attempts to list the countries that visas are not required for. Looking at England? As a Canadian, it will let you know that you do not need a Visa and with that you can sigh in relief and move on with your planning.

The only downside here is that if you're travelling to some places in South East Asia it will also tell you that you don't need a Visa. Which is not always the case. But, again, that's why they link to the official government sites. So you can double check.

[ voyage.gc.ca - Canadian visa requirements ]
As mentioned above, if you're Canadian you'll want to double check all your Visa requirements here. There's, once again, a downside to this webpage. If you're trying to click the outlink to Egypt's consulate, you will be redirected to a spam site which, occasionally, redirects you to a porn site. Try explaining that, "honest sir, the Canadian government sent me here!" But sadly, it's true. In this specific example, I've contacted the lovely people in charge. They informed me that the change would be made withing two to six weeks, if deemed necessary. We shall see.

[ voyage.gc.ca - Canadian travel warnings ]
These travel warnings are key to check. Not only for your own safety (because if you really want to see Somalia, you're going to be heading over there regardless) but also for your insurance claims. Some insurance packages will not cover you if you're in a country that you were warned against.

Hotel Information
[ hihostels.com - Hosteling International ]
Here it is. Hosteling International. It's your first and only stop for all your high class hostel needs. With a thirty dollar membership you can hostel here and there and everywhere. But as they are the best of the best, you may find yourself paying a little bit more. Still, if you want to make sure your trip won't turn into the movie Hostel - maybe you won't mind?

[ hostels.com - More hosteling information ]
This website offers more hostels around the world. They are not always as expensive, because they are not always as good. You also don't need the membership. But even still, you're looking to book on the internet. That means the hostels you find here are the type that can advertise on the internet. You might just want to cruise into town, and find a ten dollar place to stay, instead of these twenty dollar ones.

Transportation Information
[ seat61.com - rail information around the globe ]
You've never wanted to know anymore about trains than is listed here. To be honest, you've never wanted to know this much about trains. Now if you're planning to take to the rail, I highly suggest you check out this webpage. It's full of useful information and facts.

Travel Sites
wanderlust.co.uk - Wanderlust Magazine ]
This is, hands down, my favourite travel magazine. It is with great upset that, living in Canada, I do not have good access to it. I received an issue of it for Christmas, and fell in love with it. Think 1990s National Geographic (when it was still respectable) coupled with a guide on how you can live out those stories. Their index is a map of the globe with articles pointed out in their geographical locations. Need I say more? When I went to England I was able to pick up two issues. The latest is out now, in the U.K. Here in Canada we just got the one I picked up on New Years Day.

[lonelyplanet.com - online travel guides / thorntree forums ]
The thorntree forums are the greatest travel resource I could recommend to anyone. Hundreds of people are lurking there to answer all your travel related questions at all hours of the day. Do you want information? Do you want to meet up with people one the road? Do you just want to toss some jokes around? It's all right here.

[ travelindependent.info - travelling on a budget ]
[ aworldtraveller.com - world travelling information ]
Both of these websites are incredibly useful for anyone planning a trip anywhere. There's information, articles, resources. Hey - they're good enough for me. That has to mean something, right? Yes? Well maybe. You should check them out. They cover almost everything you'd need to know.

Well that's all for now. I have more links up there, and as it is an ever growing section, I'm sure more will be added as time comes and goes. There are also links to some blogs of note. So feel free to check it all out. Also, if you have any information you'd like to pass on (add your blog, or suggest a link) feel free to e.mail me. Yup, it's that link right up there too!

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