Saturday, March 21, 2009

NYC09: Stage Deli

Do you want to eat a Conan O'Brien? A Kevin Bacon? A Howie Mandel? Well if so there's only one place for you to head, and that's Stage's Deli. Located only one block from the MoMA it's the perfect way to finish any night at the museum. Or just any night in the big city. This is deli sandwiches at their best.

So you think that you can eat with the big boys do you? Well strap yourself in for the famous triply decker behemoths, and see if you've really got the chops for it.

Feeling a little on the cocky side? Why not start with a plate of biggest, and most delicious, onion rings you've ever had?

When you order one of the sandwiches, you may have an idea of what you're about to experience. But seeing, as they say, is believing. The Corn beef sandwich will arrive on a plate with a pickle (a real honest to goodness pickle that is more small cucumber than anything else – which might actually disappoint some diners) and two slices of bread.

Now, it's what you find between these two slices that makes Stage Deli, Stage Deli. There between these two tasty slices you will find two inches of meat. Two inches! Just getting your mouth around it can be problematic.

But once you've finished your last bite (if you can finished your last bite) you will be rewarded with a sense of self-satisfaction normally reserved for those who can eat the five pound steaks.

And if stacks of meat aren't your forte, they are also sell a number of different cheesecakes – desert sittings in a different area than dinner diners. It helps prevent culture clash, I'm sure.

Stage Deil: Truly a tasty treat that doubles as a New York City cultural experience.

But don't expect to come home with wallets full. Their sandwiches run $14.00 - $20.00, and a plate of onion rings to start costs just under $8.00.

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  1. OMG! Those onion rings are to-die for! I've been busy at work lately and haven't read many of your NYC posts. I definitely have to catch up soon! Trying to do some catching up right now, in fact!


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