Monday, March 16, 2009

NYC09: Tom's Restaurant

Waking up early, I headed for La Rosita. Taking the subway up Broadway to 110, I looked around. I looked up the street, I looked down the street. There was no restaurant to be found – but what was that? What were those windows covered in papers, with “opening soon” plastered to them?

Apparently La Rosita wasn't as fantastic as the internet claimed it was. It was closed down – and while I was quite hungry, this didn't end up being too detrimental. Still seeking out a delightful morning meal I headed north. Around 112 I came across Tom's Restaurant. Something seemed familiar about this location, but I couldn't place the feeling. Once inside it became abundantly clear. Seinfeld memorabilia lines the walls. This was the front used for the four existential friends daily meetings.

Offering a fantastic meal of two eggs, toast, home fries, bacon, tea, and orange juice for only $5.50 it really is a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend to those who can't afford the $9.00 orange juice on sale at Norma's.

Breakfast eaten, it was time to leave Manhattan behind, and head out to Queen's in search of Spider-man.

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