Sunday, April 26, 2009

Around the World: Back to Planning

The first day of...
Any day off of work can be a good day, right? You don't wake up to the sound of the alarm annoying pulsating as you hit sleep once, twice, three times. You can shower for as long as you want without fear of missing the train, the bus, the start of your work day. You can have a relaxing big breakfast, or skip it at all to watch the morning television. Heck, you could just read a book if you'd like, while you wait for your cereal to become suitably mushy in your milk (or for the lactose-challenged, mango soy smoothie beverage. Trust me, it goes well with Peach Honey Bunches of Oats.)

But then you remember why you're not at work. It's because you have an appointment. One that can not be missed. One that you've been putting off for weeks, almost months now.

Planning the World Trip once more
It has been a long time since I wrote about the world trip plans. Yes I've seen New York City, and I've done a few other things, I've even written about Toronto - but the world trip? That hasn't been discussed since my trip to M.E.C. back in February.

For the last six weeks, I've simply breezed through life, trying to balance my work, with my friends, and everything else that exists. But one thing remained - the knowledge that at some point, I would have to ready myself to drop terrible amounts of money.

Still, I could not start buying rail passes, or plane tickets, or anything else of that nature until I picked up my travel insurance. And I could not buy travel insurance until I had the good people at OHIP extend my out of country provincial insurance.

It took some research, and sifting through disinformation, but at last I knew what I had to do. Cereal eaten, I was off to begin planning my trip once more. Next stop: 777 Bay St. Toronto, Ontario.

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