Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anime North 2009: Chapter 0

When I travel, I normally go to see cities. Some people visit museums, some people go to see theatre, some like nature and landscapes. I travel to see cities. But all that might change with my upcoming trip. Two new things have appeared on my radar. One is the idea of following professional sports teams, and the other is following conventions.

I know people who have travelled far and wide to go to PAX, or Comicon. Now here, in my own proverbial back yard, I am presented with Anime North. North Americas greatest fan-run Anime Convention. For over a decade this con has been running strong - and for all fellow travellers who enjoy all things quirky, cute, and anime, I will present you with the tale of my three day, two night experience.

If any readers out there have travelled for a convention, please comment below with your own tale.

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