Tuesday, June 30, 2009

E09: Grey Again...

Once again the skies are grey, and the mood is less than fantastic here around town. Yesterday's smiles have been replaced with focused walks heading from point a to point b. There are no roses being smelled, nor are their dances being danced as people skip across the road – often in front of oncoming traffic, as they are unaware most intersections here operate on scramble crossings, and the don't walk signs really are to be heeded.

The weather man has clarified his statement yesterday, “just because it's a heat wave doesn't mean it's a sun wave. There is all likelihood that the heat will be accompanied by cloud, rain, and perhaps thunder.” No doubt he retracted his statement due to the many threats on his life for his debauchery. What a charming man.

Antique shows can entertain me only so long. Soon I will head out to visit the local Museum, and galleries on the Mound. But now? Now it's time to extract my chips from the oven, and consme!


  1. Mike, no worries. It's been rainy here in Toronto!

  2. That's what i hear... rain all over the world this week.


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