Monday, July 6, 2009

They're Watching Me

Someone is watching my every movement. They know when I leave the city; they know when I return to the city. This much I've figured out, but where they are and how they've managed to track me these last two weeks still remains a mystery. Communicating, no doubt, with pigeons it could be a whole group of people on constant survey. I imagine the transmissions go something like this:

Black Night – target has left the building, is walking up Royal Mile
Radiant Dawn – rain prepared over.
Black Night – abort! target has turned into waverly station. Repeat, target has turned into waverly station. commence sun shine initiative.
Radiant Dawn – cloud burner activate, blue skies in five... four... three...

and so on and so forth. As I said, I've no idea how they stay so well informed of my movements, but there you have it. As I was back in Edinburgh, and someone must have known, the skies became overcast once again. The clouds piled together once again. Rain fell from the sky. Once. Again.

Oh, I see – you don't believe this is truth? You don't imagine the imps carrying on around me, reporting back to their nefarious weather controlling leader? Well how else do you explain that – even though it called for thunderstorms, the moment I went to Glasgow the sun came out? How do you explain that when I went to the Highlands, the weather was not poor. Yes the instance I returned to the city... Well then, there you have it. Proof positive.

But never mind that. The rain gave me reason to pause, to not hurry through the city, and to – finally – enjoy my time here. In fact, it's safe to say that until the hour of five o'clock, when I decided to head out on a mission to obtain a bottle of IRN-BRU I did absolutely nothing all day. And it really was marvelous.

My mission to find IRN-BRU, as it turned out, ended in failure, when upon reaching the doors of Super Drug it was discovered that for the price of one IRN-BRU, I could get two bottles of Tango (bursting with flavour, fruit soda.) I picked up the apple I'd been meaning to grab for some time, and a cherry. I'm going to be honest right now. I do not know who would ever drink the apple soda. One 500ml bottle of it costs one pound, nine p. For only twenty p more you could buy a 2000ml bottle of apple cider, which is 4.2% alcohol, and tastes exactly the same. Four times as much, and with bonus alcohol! Who is drinking this other, more cost-ineffective, soda?

I also grabbed a can of Pepsi RAW. I have not seen it since London, six months ago. It's Pepsi, but made with all natural ingredients that you will have no problem pronouncing. Quite wonderful really, though I've not seen it in Canada.

My day was no spent waiting for this beverage urge to overtake me, mind you. It was spent hiding under trees, in galleries, and under overhangs trying to find a dry place to read Bill Bryson's “In a Sunburned Country.” Finally my full day of reading had arrived.

At five thirty it was off to the bar, then out for groceries, and that was that. A lovely end to a lovely day. With only one more full day remaining, it will soon be time to think about packing up, and heading out. But, I can put that off for another twenty four hours, I'm sure.


  1. You can buy an Irn-Bru here in Canada.

    Best bets would be Loblaws, Superstore, and maybe even A&P. They usually go for a little more than $2 CDN.

  2. really? I've never seen it here. But then, I've never really had reason to look for it either. I must keep abreast of these things.


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