Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Travel Blogs of Note

It has been a while since I've created a list of other travel blogs that you might find useful. So why not, rather than going to "the mall" and buying some foreign currency, create one now.

My Several Worlds
Self proclaimed, "[w]riter, photographer, and culture vulture," Carrie Marshall writes as she travels through Asia. With constantly updated resources, and a spotlight on some local graffiti (a favourite of mine) this is a site not to be missed.

Powered By Tofu
This is a blog written by a quarter-lifer who has decided to take a year off to travel the world. Hmm - that sounds familiar to me. That alone makes this a site I'd recommend; the beautiful website, coupled with often quirky and engaging articles only enhances the experience.

Traveller's Tales
This website isn't updated as often as I'd like but when it is, it's quite helpful. A lot of the articles are about the USA, but by using the well organized category bar on the left you can always find what you're looking for here.

An American in the Far East
This blogger recently travelled through China. He writes candidly, frankly, and for himself first and foremost. There are also articles on his site about Couch Surfing, and his experience Couch Surfing that some budget travellers may find useful.

The Global Trip
This is a professional travel blog that integrates video, photography, and articles seamlessly. You can browse the world from the interactive map, or watch as the author gets show at point blank range (wearing a bullet proof vest.) This is definitely a must see site.

And the Rest
Please don't ignore the blogs in my blog roll either. They're there because I follow them - and if I didn't think they were well written, I wouldn't be keeping up to date with them.

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  1. This blog is really nice. This is a professional travel blog that integrates video, photography, and articles seamlessly.Keep sharing more and more information with us.


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