Sunday, September 13, 2009

Retrospective: Iceland

I left Iceland a few days ago, and I planned to write this up immediately. But I failed. It is thus, with head hung low, that I post it up now. A day before I post a similar one for Finland. It is with hope that I hope this will become an exit form used for all countries I see, or in some cases collections of countries. The questions may change and evolve, but the basic idea will remain the same. What I liked, what I didn't, what I need to go back for. And then maybe some shout outs.

Iceland's Greatest Moments
There are few things as impressive as watching a geyser explode into the air; there are even fewer things as impressive as watching this happen three times in a row. But one thing that does manage to top this list, is bar hopping through the streets or Reykjavik until four o'clock in the morning, exiting the last bar onto a street made treacherous by hundreds of smashed bottles, glasses, and young adults. The blue lagoon? It wasn't so bad either.

Iceland's “I could do without” Moments
Beer – beer is painfully expensive here, and finding a cheap bottle means nothing when it has half the alcohol as the more expensive one. Double the alcohol for double the price is no deal in my books. The price of renting a car is one thing that held back a lot of exploration too. Eighty plus dollars a day is a high cost for entry, and with Iceland being full of such natural beauty it was a shame not to fully experience it at my own pace.

Iceland's Moments to Return For
There is so much of the country unexplored. I'd love to see some of the naturally occurring thermal pools, and return to the Blue Lagoon in a non-solo trip. There are trails to be hiked, and highlands that need exploring. For them I hope to return.

What I'll Remember
Hotdogs with friend onions, suddenly becoming the most delicious things in the world

Shout Outs
The South African with his crayon colourings
The Australian
The one who danced like she was in an exercise video

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