Saturday, October 3, 2009

All things being equal...

...If you're planning on basing a movie in Medieval Europe, and lets be honest – I know most of you are – look no further than Bruges. It's classic, it's classy, and it's pre-made wonderful.

...The noise I thought was a broken fan turned out to be a real live human – sleeping in this room. I didn't see him under the blankets until now, when he started to snore. Well, clearly the lights being on don't bother him. It's only 8:00. What gives? And a Friday night, no less. Why isn't he out there drinking... Who's home at eight on a Friday night? Wait... Nevermind.

...Not all the chocolate shops along tourist alley can have the best chocolate in Belgium. It's not not possible. It's simply not. And I need to know how I can determine where the trully good stuff is. My first step should be stepping off the tourist street.

...A coin laundry that has a beer vending machine is a-ok in my book. 1.10 euro a can.

...If you are a library and you have internet access, making people buy a five euro card, so they can have a years worth of internet access is insult enough. Then allowing only 3.5 hours of access every week is just going too far. You're a library. Have a heart. Try to be more like Amsterdam. People will like you more. My, you're just like Amsterdam, they will say. And they will swoon. Perhaps now they'll just look at you, size you up, and say – my god, why don't you look like that library? That's the academic way of saying you're fat!

...I finished reading Sophie's World. Fuck! What the hell am I supposed to read now? What am I supposed to do now? Hmm, there seems to be a pdf file on this computer called Dragons of Autumn. Oh no I deleted it! I am truly without reading material. The Paris and Europe guide book will have to suffice.

...I think that previous all things being equal was my first swear. And I stand behind it.

...The train was pretty good. I'm getting the hang of this travel thing, which is – perhaps – why I didn't suffer from the transition day blues that take me over every now and then.

...No matter how good Over Roasted Chicken and Thyme potato chips are, by the end of the bag you'll still want to throw them up all over the bench in the middle of the square by the market building. Oh no – that was the guy beside me who just as noodles and hotdogs.

...Any town you an feel comfortable wandering around in, and getting lost in, after twenty minutes, probably isn't one you should spend four nights in.

...The trip in two days that will take me to “Flanders Field” should be pretty amazing. I bet it will rain.

...I have to occupy at least an hour and a half of time in order for me to feel that I've had a productive day. Maybe I should try and go meet some people in this hostel that aren't snoring away. Wait...

...I have ended up in a – wait for it – wait for it – school group hostel again! Surrounded by American teachers, and sixteen year old girls crying over lost electronics adapters. Yay! ... I mean, no – god. It's like Oslo all over again. Hey wait. Maybe it will be like Oslo all over agian!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs!! Keep blogging and enjoy....

    Oh, and find a bookstore!! A traveler has to have reading material.



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