Wednesday, October 14, 2009

safe and sound in Barcelona

I´m getting good at this train thing. Wide awake, but not exploring yet. I´ll get to that.

So I´m safe in Barcelona, or B´lona as I like to think of it. However, the two people I met in my hostel so far have both been robbed. Outlook is grim. One had a phone pick pocketed. The other had 1000euro stolen - she had 800 of it returned when she yelled at the person.

So, B´lona. Huzzah!

I can´t connect to the hostel wifi and this computer doesn´t have a usb port, so I can´t just transfer stuff over. So you may have to wait, unless the wifi starts acting properly.

And due to theft being the national sport here (we were told by a local) I´m not going to wander with my laptop out.

one two three, good plan, break!

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