Friday, November 6, 2009

another day in luzern

It's worthwhile to point out that this is entry number 100 of my big trip – according to how I number things anyway. Some of the entries haven't existed in that scale, others have been B1, B2, etc (bonus) and some – well I think there are some blank files waiting to be written in (all the recaps for example. Somehow they just stopped writing themselves for me.)

With that in mind, this milestone issue looks to be – well – quite boring. There just wasn't much going on in Luzern today. Not for me, anyway. That that was just fine, thank you very much.

When I was hiking in Interlaken a few days ago, I stepped in a puddle with my sandals on. The heightened smell of feet that always comes with such an experience is still yet to dissipate. Fantastic. It has been haunting me for the last few days. Now, I'm not going to say that I have the most delightful smelling feet at the best of times – but in these shoes, after they've been wet – causing them to bond with my feet in some god awful unholy union... well there are more pleasant things in this world.

So what did I do today? I woke up – realized there was no breakfast to get out of bed for, considered that I'd wandered the town yesterday – thought about how cozy I was – then I went back to sleep. I figured I owed it to myself to sleep longer than seven hours on this day. And then longer than eight. It was a hard fought battle to stay in bed for a full nine hours, but I managed it. Seriously, it was hard. Every time I woke up I felt so lazy laying in bed. I really needed to get out, but I have been told that there's something to sleeping for long periods of time every now and then. Even though studies prove people who sleep 5 – 7 hours a night have the longest lifespan. Take that eight hours a night rule!

Finally dragging myself out of bed, I headed to see the lion sculpture again. It was carved to commemorate the dead mercenaries killed during the French rebellion. I looked – I saw. M'eh. I know it's supposed to be sad. I know people mourn the rock. I just don't get it. I see a mopey looking lion. Great. But, it brings no emotions. It's a lion. A great big lion. A great big lion that would probably rip you in two if that little piece of spear wasn't stuck in it.

Am I heartless? I don't think so. But – who knows.

Food was, once again, bread – pasta salad – juice. Apple this time. How delightful. Remember how I mentioned that a lot of travelling was tedious nothingness? Well – this is proof positive of that. Buying lunch, and eating lunch from the co-op proved to be one of the most exciting parts of the day. I am a lucky feller!

With that done, I headed off to the train station. That ticket for tomorrow's trip to Zurich wasn't going to buy itself. And having bought it I was down to all of for franks left. Sure there's the twenty waiting for me as key-deposit, but I can't spend that just yet.

I was told there was free wifi access in Luzern. And there is. And the blanketed area is quite large. Problem: you need a cell phone to activate it.

Nevermind – I found an open network sitting on the church steps. Bless these trusting Swiss, so.

And after that? I went to the library. I found that they had english comics. And that was me for the day. I read The Death of Captain America – which I'd not gotten around to yet, surprisingly. And man, did they ever do a good job with Bucky. Sure if you have to bring someone back from the dead it's normally annoying – but I think they did Bucky right. His story lines the last few years really make you aware of the fact that these two characters fought in the war – not just the comics war (well – in REAL LIFE they didn't fight, but in the continuity they were soldiers, not just comic icons.)

And I read “The Man Who Laughs” which featured a good Joker tale, and Batman teaming up with the Alan Scott Green Lantern.

And then I read the Dark Pheonix Saga – which I should have read over a decade ago. But there you have it – I knew the story, but this was my first time really reading it. The writing is almost solid enough to still hold up. I wonder if they'll ever “re-master” the old stories by giving them new art? They'd probably wanna change things though (remove the SNAP from Gwen Stacy's fall, and retcon a marriage here or there. Ugh.)

But that was my day. Nothing big. Nothing impressive. But I enjoyed it very much.

I've since copy and pasted two hundred and twenty five pages of Power Rangers history from wikipedia. Look – I know it sounds awful, but I feel it's important to know. I did go to university to major in Pop-Culture, you know.

Did you know they're still making new Power Rangers episodes? I know it shocked me too. That's 17 years of continuity, and over 500 eps. Terrifying.

Well – these no-name beers aren't going to drink themselves. I know I travel tomorrow – but... no name... It's “co-op brand.” Think IGA beer, or something like that. How could I not investigate how god awful it will be?

Zurich tomorrow – and then a flight to Poland. Success!

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