Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Top 10 Stew/Nick/Mike in Europe Moments

[these moments exist in no hierarchical order. They're all the same level of peachy-keen.]

  1. One liter beers in the Munich beer hall.
  2. “The Castle”: checking it out with Nick on the scary bridge that he led me to.
  3. Stew driving 184 on the autobahn, making good time to my Mackers break.
  4. Wandering up the Parliament dome with Nick, “[Mike] it's like you're talking to the machine, who's also addressing me.”
  5. Eating far too many types of food in the Prague main square.
  6. Greeting Stew and Nick as they arrived at the Prague hostel.
  7. Eating at the restaurant in Munich – the waitress really was fabulous.
  8. Far too many conversations about science fiction, comics, and video games.
  9. Stew's use, abuse, and overjoy with his tripod at the Nuremberg castle. (great shots.)
  10. Obtaining of new media from laptops, and thumb drives.

If you are Stew or Nick, feel free to make your own list, and I'll amend them to this entry. Mind you – who knows when you'll have time, rocking England, and then going back to the “real world.” Danke for the visit! Much appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Awww, you loves them! As I'm sure they do you.

    I am not Stew nor am I Nick but thank you for putting together this list! I miss you guys!


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