Thursday, November 12, 2009

They're here! They're here!

Waltzing through the hostel door – well lets be honest, there was some rattling of keys, and inability to properly use said keys, and then me getting up to open the door, and then waltzing through the hostel door – came my two buddies from back home. They brought with them remnants of Halloween! Sour Patch Kids, mini Caramilk bars, and Smarties!

They also brought scripts written by people I knew, and oh so importantly a usb jump drive - full of podcasts, and Talking Heads, and Stephen Colbert – crafted by the lovely (when there's trouble you call) D.W. Sigh. How wonderful.

The hostel we're staying in is quite posh. It's a four person room, and if a fourth person does show up over the next two nights I feel terrible for him. But 'dems the breaks. The room has a plant in it – that's how fancy it is. A plant. On a nightstand. It has a nightstand in it too.

Once they had thrown their gear on the ground, and rested for an hour or so, I pushed them – pushed them I did – out the door and onto the streets. Off to the town square, where I had just been. As it's quite possibly the most “you need to see this” part of Prague, I thought it was important to drag them there, and having been in country for about four hours more than them, I was obviously an expert.

Many night shots were taken on route, and at the square.

There were all number of food stands that I somehow missed the first time – but there they were selling sweet breads, crepes, and sausages. When I finally cracked and decided to an apricot crepe I was denied. “We close now!” I was informed.

Very well.

From there we headed off to The Bridge. On route we passed a clock. Dozens of people gathered to watch the clock. As it struck ten, little mechanical people were supposed to march around out of doors in the side. It was a minute to – so we waited. The bell rang for a minute. No little people.

I didn't expect anything, and yet I couldn't help but feel cheated some how. At least I wasn't one of those people who waited for a good quarter hour to see the spectacle.

The bridge was as bridgey as it was before – but with added lighted bonus this time. And then that was that. One days adventuring at an end. But there are surely many more to come.

And, if the three of us ever decide to make an album, we now have a good shot to use for the album cover. Oh night photography, how simple you are, but how delightful you appear.


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