Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's my Birthday!

So I'm writing this from the Kangaroo Stop in Dresden - but if all goes well, it should be December 13th right now, and if everything really is going well, I should be in South Africa - and still alive.

Wouldn't it be eerie if I wasn't alive, and my blog was still set to update for the next two weeks? Well we'll just hope that isn't the case. I am quite fond of life - I want to live forever, you understand. Like Captain Jack. But without the giant face stretching.

Anyway - I am assuming that I will be away from the internet for the next three weeks or so. In that time, rather having a blank blog, I have decided to upload all of the graffiti pictures I've been shooting through the latter half of Europe. So be prepared for a flood of street art goodness.

Also - be prepared for three weeks of back entries, or however I choose to manage my African tales, once I return.

But enough of that - keep your eyes peeled, the updates will be happening soon.

Now, I think I'll sit back, be glad I'm off a two day flight, and enjoy my chronological transition between twenty six, and twenty seven. My - am I that old already?

Well - I'm not really, because I'm still twenty six, and still a good three weeks away from my birthday - but... well... you know.


  1. happy bday ghost blogger!

  2. I hope your not dead, because i call dibs on your stuff.

  3. Haaaappy birthday to you not yet!

  4. nice post... well, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i am not dead - and i will hopefully be updating soonish... can't say for sure yet if i will get the chance or not - but i hope so.

    danke all.


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