Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, much like the post that came up on my birthday, this too is being written at the Kangaroo Stop, an hour and a bit before I leave for the Silversun Pickups show. I'm reaching out into the future to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

I am currently, in theory, in Africa - face stuffed full of anti-malarial pills. While this will make me burn easier, it should help prevent me from getting that disease that oh so many people I know come home from Africa with.

So, a big shout out to my family - who I'm sure are all gathered together enjoying a huge meal, without me throwing down offbeat comments, or unpopular ideas. I thought of adding some here, but no - I'll just leave it be. That thing I wrote about people in the holocaust being executed, and not "murdered" was enough controversy for me on this blog.

But seriously - go back and read it! I want opinions! How can you murder someone the goverment has decided should be executed? You can't. Mass murderers aren't murdered by the state. They're executed. And while, yes, there's a huge difference between a mass murderer and an innocent Jewish, Czech, Romanian, Homosexual citizen - that difference only exists from the opinion now. Maybe ten years from now we find out a so called mass murderer was innocent. Do we then change our tone to how the government "murdered" him, or do we just think about how he was unfairly executed by a state which was out of control, and operating in a very unfortunate, unfair, and unjust way?

Well there - there's your delightful Christmas table talk from me. It's like I'm there.

And - Merry Christmas to my friends. Christmas Eve won't be the same without all night video gaming. But - you know - whatever I did yesterday was probably at least half as good as that might have been? Maybe even three quarters.

Well - I'm just passing on my love, and my whatever else one passes on on Christmas. All the best to you and yours! Maybe it'll snow here? No.


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