Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Final Day in Zambia

Sweet god, I've done it! I've caught up to now-now. When will then be now? SOON!

It's four o'clock and I've been typing since seven this morning. I think all the other people think I'm crazy. They must. I guess I am. Nine hours to get these entries typed up, and I still need to throw them on the web. I took a break at 11 to shower, eat, and then toss a few of them up. But now I still need to get these final ones up.

That's what today has been. I haven't had time to think of the tour kids who are now so far away, nor have I had time to think of, well anything really. I've just been reading my journal, shifting through memories, and thinking of just how fast time passes when you've enjoyed yourself. Three weeks gone in a blink.

Tomorrow I'll fly to JoBurg, and a few days later, I'll be off to Bangkok. And then another chapter in my travels will begin. I'll have three weeks in South East Asia. They'll probably feel much slower than the three that just passed, where every day was packed and full.

You know – I thought that I would hate travelling on a tour, but I don't. I didn't. Not at all. It was a great time, one of the best times, and I loved pretty much every second of it. It's even better than hosteling, provided that you end up with a group of people who get along, and we did.

All the future tours will have a lot to live up to. And I'm both excited and worried for them. Excited because, this one was great – worried because, what if I end up on the party bus? Party bus... ugh.

I felt guilt spending all day inside, but after my experience in Livingston, I thought that going outside would, perhaps, not be such a good idea anyway. Then the rain came, and for one hour it poured hard. My only break has been watching a few episodes of Spider-Man TAS that I grabbed back in Dresden. They've been working out quite nicely.

I should also note that I had to clear a virus off my SD card that I got when I stuck it in Chef's computer. It copied EXEs everywhere and created an autorun to spread the problem. I'll have to look more into it when I have the chance, were I not running linux, it could have been disastrous.

Well, now it's time to post these final entries, maybe take a swim if it looks good, and then read in the big pile of pillows. Finally – I can relax.

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