Sunday, January 31, 2010

Post 199 Live Blogging Extravaganza

Fantastic! I just crashed and had this whole post wiped. I mean sure it was just in the starting phase, but it was ridiculous enough that I quite miss it being gone. Now I'll have to start all over!

So here we are at post 199. I don't really know how I've decided that's what number it is, through my system of some posts counting during this trip, and others not so much, but there you have it. This is number one ninety nine and there's no way around it. And so because of that I'm bringing you this very special, very fantastice live blogged extravaganza!

I'm going to save right now in case we crash again. You may ask why did I crash, and I will tell you – because this netbook is a little piece of... look it does the job normally. But this time I was trying to download episodes of co-op, unfortunately I let them load too far before trying to save them, and everything went to hell.

But that's that. It's time to start the live blogging as I see fit. I should note that today I also created Excalibur in Facebook's Castle Age. I can't believe how long ago I started playing that. Back in Oslo. Remember Oslo? Of course you do.

Once Cid Meyer creates his Civilization for Facebook we'll all be doomed. And that Farmville game will no longer be the dominant strangle hold.

Well – here we go.

12:33 – just recovered from crash, rewrote the intro, and started to download the two epsiodes that led to said earlier crash. Starting to watch Co-Op season 2 episode 1 (201) sweet.

12:34 - remembered what I wrote the last post about. I wrote about how this morning I headed out for breakfast with the girl who sleeps in the bed opposite mine, and grabbed the best pad-thai ever, covered in sugar and spice and everything delightful. Also bought some spring rolls for 10b each from the spring roll lady. And then grabbed some beverages at the 7-11 on the way back. Discovered a sweet short cut too that led me to 10b pineapple.

Alright. Here we go.

13:35 - I tell you, I really do miss video games. There are apparently some really good ones that have come out lately too. But the real question - 360 or ps3? And then the iPhone has some lovely treats too.

In other news, I'm starting to jones for those spring rolls down the street.

14:07 - you know, the more I watch about games, the more I am completely sure that getting the Wii for my spec. ed. class two years back was a key idea. And the more subtle rage I feel at quasi-nemesis that argue something not based on what it is, but whose idea it is. You know the people - the ones the react one way if one person says it (as if it's stupid and terrible) and another way if it's someone else who says it (as if it's a great and wonderful idea.) Those people? No time. I hope the Wii is still getting used these day. And as for quasi-and full nemesises? (the ones thinking right now, "the word is nemeses") Meh, they'll do what they do.

14:24 - need for spring rolls too high. must escape hostel and devour

14:43 - spring roll lady saw me coming. She held up two fingers. Only two were ready - and I was set to buy five. Her deep fried chicken was piling up. I wanted to tell her that if one item sold out, and the other piled up, maybe she should change her strategy, but words failed me. I went to 7-11 to buy more beverages. But apparently my beverage of choice right now can not legally be sold until 17:00. What's up with that?! Apparently you can buy as much as you want before 11:00 but after that, it's heathenism to buy before 17:00. So I bought some from the hostel fridge. Success was mine. I'm watching you clock. And when will Spring Roll lady have stocked up agian?!

16:20 - Spring Roll lady had no spring rolls! No! I will have to check back at the convenient 17:00s. I can't believe she's making more chicken for her chicken pile - but no spring rolls. On the plus side, I bought giant chunks of pineapple for 10b. So that's good too!

17:20 - Spring Roll lady has provided! Yes I may have had to be woken up through the window by opposite bed girl, but that is neither here nor there. And as that napping has told me I need no more beverages, I was free to allocate those resources to sweet sweet spring rolls! She had a mountain of them! A mountain!

I said - six please, and though she sells four things, she knew what I wanted. She had seen me sulking earlier. And I got a bag of sauce. I don't know what's in this sauce but it's very magical! And now all is right in the world. I've sent two others off on a quest to obtain said deliciousness!

17:38 - off to see the weekend market with opposite bed girl (whose name happens to be Bex and who lives about 25 minutes, on foot, from where I lived in Toronto.) and another girl.

20:21 - So... much... stuff... girls do love their clothing shopping, don't they? I just felt sick over all the food I saw. Too many spring rolls. I did have a popsicle though (3 baht) fantastic! Just what I wanted - combining so many flavours and textures and wonders. So I stand behind that.

21:48 - Bex has discovered the laundry stole her shirt. This does not make for a happy her. I continue to watch co-op on the interwebs and learn about games. Also, I will continue to drink much delicious water.

23:25 - Games I'll need to buy and play when I get back:
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Fallout 3: GotY
Oblivion: GotY
Final Fantasy XIII
Halo 3
Halo: ODST

and it's not like there aren't more... A good baseball game, the modern warfare games, and the big chunk that come out in the next six months. Ugh.

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  1. fallout 3 is lol
    you can literally punch a dude off a building and see his body fall to the ground and explode (strong ragdoll physics)

    oblivion = also lol. I became the Cheydinhal psycho, hiding under a bridge and punching civilians as they walked by, while the forces of darkness were taking over some other part of the map.

    bioshock = lol to the max = You can kill dudes with a monkey wrench. That is all.

    the rest = haven't played


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