Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Day Before the Trek

Twenty four hours before the trek. What do you do? Waste a day.

Woke up, and grabbed breakfast – more hollow bread, jam, and weird concentrated liquid coffee. Also scrambled eggs. These were pretty fantastic – an excess of butter makes for some delicious eggs indeed.

Then back to napping. Though that wasn't working out – clearly the coffee was intent on keeping me awake. So I did what anyone would do in such a situation, watch TV. The New Adventures of Old... I dunno, the girl from Seinfeld? Not – very – good.

Where are the Olympic sports when you need them? After wasting a terrible amount of time it was noon. Lunch time. Time to head over to the bakery to grab a sandwich, some juice, steamed milk, and cake.

Steamed milk? An odd drink. Why did I grab it? Because it was on the menu. That's a good enough reason for something, yeah? And the club sandwich? With egg fried into the bread? That is magically delicious. Then there was the cake. It actually arrived this time around, which was delightful.

The two Brits came in halfway through my lunch. Clearly we know where to meet up in this city.

It's a whole new city to explore and wander, and do I do anything? Naw, not really. After lunch we just headed back to the hotel. But is it necessary to really make the most of my day? No. There will still be a good two days left once the trek is over. The main draw of this city are the ruins that surround it, and due to the ticketing process to access these ruins, it doesn't really make sense to see them now.

So nothing was what I did. All day.

There may have been some television, and some Spider-Man and some listening to the two Dr. Horrible soundtracks. But, you know, really – nothing. And it was kinda good. In a mind numbing sort of way.

Much later...

Oh look – speed skating. But, oh look on the other channel Neon Genesis Evangelion – in Spanish. It should delight you to know that Shinji's voice is just as obnoxious and annoying in the Spanish dub as it is in English. I wonder if book 12 is out yet? Never mind that. Go purple Eva go.

You know the strange thing about travel? It starts to drag on. I've become tired. In Europe – every few days I'd be game to jump around different cities, and then I grew weary. South East Asia was lazy travel staying in one place for a large amount of time, trying to rest, trying to get my game back. But it didn't really come. And now I'm in Peru, just kind of hanging out. The Nazca day was pretty spectacular, but time was I'd have days like that four or five times a week. Now I just grow weary. Not even half way through yet either.

I'm not actually complaining, but I'd like a good record pointing out that I have become exhausted. And I'm quite glad I have a number of things planned for the future, otherwise I might be tempted to just pack it in.

But life, as they say, happens outside. And going back would remove all the potential experiences still to come.

(Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars...)

I am quite glad for the next few months ahead though. If anything is going to offer me a partial reboot and get me back on track it's that which lies ahead. I have the Trek tomorrow which lasts three days, and then a fourth day in a different village. Then I have a justified day of relaxing (unlike today where I felt I should be doing something, though i wasn't.) and then a final day to run around town and check things out.

The week in Buenos Aires I'm a little unsure of, but failing anything, I'm sure my Olympics addiction will take care of me.

Ohh look – Deathnote is on now. This television channel is pretty sweet. I've never seen an episode of this, though I've read the manga. I wonder how close it is to that plot – and if it extends beyond the end of L... because, really, what's the point?

And then there's the two weeks going down to the cold continent below. I'm pretty sure that even if I do nothing all day there, just being surrounded by those locations will be enough to kick my butt into gear.

This is followed directly by California where I'll get to hang out within Jurassic Park and then meet up with a few people – one being she who was in the Ball Earing Removal “tutorial video” that, according to the YouTube comments has helped at least one or two people get their own earrings off. It is slightly terrifying that people used that as a valid tutorial. I can only hope that they choose not to use random rusty pliers from the mysterious shed beside their newly acquired abode.

What's next? Two weeks zipping through Japan with some friends. And after that, two weeks hanging out with another buddy in that country.

I am a little unsure about May, but hopefully the preceding months will have energized me to make me focus on China with a new found vengeance. Maybe hit up Singapore while I'm out that way too.

The Death Note art style is pretty fantastic. Just sayin'.

But all that's in the future. As for right now, I just kinda feel tired. We'll see how that goes.

Ohh – finished watching the Spider-Man animated series today. It's more than slightly annoying that it ended with an open ending. If there's one thing I quite dislike it's open endings. And we'll just leave it at that.

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