Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Live-Blogged Kind of Day

Midnight – well, clearly I was away from the internets at this time, so the live blogging could not quite yet begin. Which was tragic. Still – what would it have said? Going to sleep. That was the plan anyway.

Midnight:twenty – Started playing Frozen Bubbles (a puzzle bobble clone) and listening to pod casts. Each podcast was an hour in length.

1:20 – first podcast over, up to level 69 complete

2:20 – second podcast over, bloody level 70 (I hate level 70!) just completed!

3:20 – up to level 98 completed.

4:00 – level 99 completed.

4:30 – level 100 (game) completed.

4:35 - well clearly my mission to fall asleep at a normal time has failed. You will also notice that Levels 70, 99, and to a lesser degree, the last level, have been driving me insane Also – you'll notice I played more than four hours straight, a game that was a good two decades old. Imagine the progress I could have made with a good game, or – you know – something more productive. Still – what is one to do when podcast-listening?

4:40 – accepts that podcasts are filling a void, and no longer delightful to listen to in the same way they were. What did I used to do to fill the time? Oh yeah – talk to people. It's been some time since a good in person conversation. Get me out of BA!

4:45 – sleep.

5:30 – people whose names I don't know wake me up to say goodbye. They know my name.

8:00 – everyone is moving out today, save me. I have one more night here. But everyone else is up – including those who had just got in from partying, so who am I to sleep?

8:27 – off to breakfast. Bread, spreadable cheese, cereal, juice, and chocolate that is hot. What fun! (post finally goes live.)

9:27 - finsihed breakfast. Is delighted that Microsoft is making people responsible for their words over the interwebs. Remember kids: Don't game angry.

11:37 - woke up fully clothed in bed. Apparently going to grab my book didn't work out so well after breakfast. Clearly I didn't get enough sleep last night. Waking up was to the voices of the cleaning staff - though it was for the best, as, in my dream, I was trying to escape a mansion with some classified knowledge on a USB drive, while grabbing one of those red promo-bags from War Inc. I don't think the escape would have gone well - and I had no desire to be stabbed a few times like I was in a dream a few days ago.

12:03 - showered and clean. Bed was made when I emerged from the shower. Oh cleaning staff.

12:04 - Trying to sort out my month of march - looking at a world map and fight sites. Ugh - I hate this part.

12:55 - I have come up with two alternate universes of travel plans - one where he goes from japan to singapore to china to new zealand, the other where he goes from japan to china to singapore to new zealand. Now I just have to wait to hear back from three or four people about what plans work best if I want to meet up with them. Ugh - I hate travel planning. These flights will cost about two thousand dollars all totaled. Closer to three in the first reality. I just can't think about it. And the flight from New Zealand to Australia that I don't want to consider yet? Oh snap - if I fly JetStar it's very reasonable... only around five hundred. The future looks good.

Well I did a good load of work just now. Good for me.

1:05 - Since Stockholm (remember Stockholm? The boat-hostel?) I have been asking myself whY I play CastleAge on Facebook. The answer is still unclear - though I wonder what I'd be doing with my time otherwise?

I now demand that I finish reading Return of the King. Sure I finished the book (more on that later) but I now need to read the Appendices. Ugh. Tolkien!

I will read some first.

2:04 - Just got back from Burger King. If I never eat another burger again, that'd be o.k. My food options are limited in this part of town, and BK whopper actually tastes like a real burger rather than strange fast food. And it's filling too - you can eat McBurgers for hours without being full. Ten Cheeseburger Challenge indeed.

I continued to read LotR:RotK:AI and I tell you, I could not care less about the Numanwhositz and the Dundanwhatitfaces. And yet to feel like I've really read the texts I need to break free and push through it.

I will continue to read while copying, resizing, and uploading photos of Jesus Land.

2:42 - finished adding photos to all the older entries - the videos are still not up. YouTube claimed they'd stop supporting FireFox 2, so I gave up (can't get FF3 on this netbook) but now they're saying you just can't use the new stuff - so I am backlogged with uploads. You can check them out on my site though, as they go live. Youtube/oneyeartrip/

I also posted an entry that I somehow missed uploading a few days back.

3:23 - just updated my post about Jesus Land, and uploaded pictures there. Now that's done and over with, and we're all up to date. I still have no way to fully process that which I witnessed yesterday. I need to know what other people - the god fearing type - think of this park. 40 foot Jesus is not kind, but terrifying. I just kept thinking of th Simpson's where those mascots came to life. How would 40 foot Jesus try to kill us? With his Halo of doom (not unlike Xena's weapon) I'm sure.

4:14 - is officially mind numbed. I'm bored. That's it. I could go use the printer to print out my Antarctica voucher, but - you know - not yet... Then what would I do later? I could pack - but laundry is not back yet. I could - ahh I will write all the things I've been putting off. Yes, this is the most exciting day of travel yet. It also strikes me that there is a season of House and The Office to watch - but really, I couldn't be bothered. MONKEY NEWS!

5:14 - It's five-fourteen. Do you know where your children are? The third football game in a row is playing. There must never be a time when a professional game is not playing. That is what I've come to understand. Just watched Kirsten Dunst in a Turning Japanese youtube video - my brains are about to melt. Time to see if laundry is ready so as I can pack up, and feel like I'm doing something slightly more productive.

5:47 - I've now finished packing, and scrapbooking all my bits and pieces up to now. Well that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it might have. Time to read more LotR:RotK:AI

6:30 - Alright Arwen that's about enough of you. Now what - maybe South Park streams online somewhere at a volume that will block out the creepy guys talking about their spandex Spider-Man costumes.

7:24 - Streaming South Park is a wonderful thing. The Whaling Episode? Fantastic - until deadliest catch showed up... Still a good first half.

8:13 - South Park = caught up on. Time to kill some time by experiencing the British version of The Office. What a action/adventure filled day!

8:20 - British Office Overruled. I like your sci-fi but your comedy still pains my heart. And with that I shall take my leave of the internets and the common room and retire to a place to quiet and recluse (my room on good ol' floor number five - open and close to elevator doors before the machine will move - and the bathtub has four taps. Hot and cold for shower; hot and cold for bath.) I'm sure I'll be back down here. I mean, what else would I do? Sleep?

Anyway - if I don't manage to make it back - I'm not sure if I'll have internet at my hotel tomorrow. And a few days later I'll be on a big ol' boat where there will definitely not be internet. By March 16th I expect I'll be in a hotel in Santa Monica, California - and there there will be interwebs. This is a good assumption, I believe. So there we go.

9:09 - well that failed. Ran into my parents on skype, and am now looking into cruises. I will into cruise, I will not cruise. O.K. Time to re-group and re-focus. Now I have to check into how to get from LA to San Fran. I'm thinking the bus. I've since heard that might be sketch - but I don't really want to fly

10:03 - Flight booked bridging LAX and SFO. Yeah it's more expensive than the bus - about two or three times... but hey - it's much faster. Kinda - not counting getting to and from the airport. I just don't wanna screw up this connection. Tra la la.

10:20 - printed out Antarctica voucher, and flight details - now off to bed to read more LotR:RotK:AI and AII. Ohh - progress.

11:45 - time for bed.

Midnight: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

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