Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Video Games and Travel

Waking up, hanging out in the common room, watching some television. Yeah. It's pretty sweet.

Whenever my kiwi friend decided to wake up (nothing like the morning after you fly across a terrible amount of time zones to really make you want to seize the day) we headed out to the MBK centre. Yes, yes, more malls. Strange how the price jumps for tuk-tuk drivers when you're with someone else. There's nothing like turning down one driver, watching them leave, having another immediately fill the place to begin negotiations anew. After a good four drivers tried their luck, we finally decided on one – or rather, he decided on us.

And then off through the smog of the city, dangerously fast through perilous turns and – traffic jam. Perhaps it wasn't that I was with someone else that caused the price to raise as much as it was the time of day. Ohh well. My ignorance to such things seems to have gone swimmingly, as I did not have to feel any guilt over the rather delayed progress we were making.

This also explained why one driver laughed and drove off when we told him our destination.

But fear not, for we completed this journey, and then entered the aforementioned mall on a quest to find a store that I had seen weeks past. I just knew it was on the third floor. After walking the third floor, I was less sure about my previous assurance. But it must have been on the fourth floor! Well, there were a lot of cell phones there. That's almost like finding what I want, but not really at all. That would leave only the second – ok, you know where this is going, I'm sure. The store was nowhere to be found. But wait, I knew of another place on the first floor where my desired item cold be found. It just required a lap or two.

I have never been this lost in a mall before. Quite refreshing, quite refreshing indeed. Or perhaps those were the free samples of fruit that had been left out all day? No it wouldn't have been those – as they were left out all day. A shame that resisting the allure of a free selection of produce is not easier.

With purchase made, and success grasped, we headed out to complete one of her missions – obtaining flight tickets. Apparently you can't book a flight over the internet for next day departure. Who knew? I find this rather distressing, as I'd been considering such things not long ago.

After some searching of the neighbouring malls, and finding nothing, an information booth was approached. We were sent two blocks down, some doors over, and all that fun stuff to discover a travel agent. Who fond tickets cheaper than the internet listed them as. I just want to point out that I was shocked by this – shocked. I had thought that the internet could always beat in store purchases. Apparently not. I'll have to keep this in mind for future flights.

Right as she was to pay, oh no, thirty dollar credit card service fee. So off to a bank machine. This was right next door. While she wandered, I perused information about Universal Studios: Japan. They have a Jurrasic Park ride too! My worries are behind me now; if the park in LA is still refurbishing theirs, I can always discover my beloved animation dinosaurs (pronounced in the same voice Mr. DNA would use) across the sea.

There was a problem with funds being in the wrong place, or some such nonsense. Flight tickets were not yet to be purchased. First an internet cafe would be required for money shifting, and other such electronic magics.

This was fine, as the cafe was next to an iStudio store. I went in and found myself the iPod touch. Once more I was close to buying it (stopped, really, only by the fact that I think 64gigs is too small, and am holding out that a 150 will be released before I get back. Or perhaps some new toy will reach the market within a half year.) This did give me some time to play all the iPhone games I'd seen on co-op though. And they were lovely. And I think I might have become slightly obsessed with the game TapTap. I see that this has been made free as well. Think of all the tap taping I could be doing on my travels.

But then again, that's the thought that stops me. I don't want to play games while I'm on the ro... ohh – money transfered! Back to the travel agent, tickets bought, over to a tuk-tuk only two tried and one confusing conversation about how we forgot where we were staying, despite the fact that I was giving the precise location and name of where we were staying, later and it was off to the races.

The terrifying, terrifying races.

A final look at the giant swing (of death – seriously, read up on it. No bags of silver in my teeth.)

The night was spent once more on KSR (significantly more entertaining when you're not alone.) For the first time I was approached to see a ping pong show. I imagine this happened as a girl was with me. It's always the girls who want to go. No more than two hours ago a girl convinced three guys to join her at one this eve. She knew where it was and everything. The boys? Clueless. As it should be. I refused, getting back on topic, and carried on.

Food, fun, and thumb pianos were experienced. And then back to the hostel.

As we headed off to our separate rooms (she preferring solo-dorms where snoring is not an issue) and mine to the dorm where – up until now, snoring has not been an issue.) good byes were said and potential New Zealand plans were made.

Only one thing makes me hesitant. I had to explain to her what The Sims was. I once met a girl in University who had no idea what the holocaust was. I had to explain it to her, and convince her that it wasn't one of those shiny three dimensional picture things (obtained most often from Upper Deck '91 trading cards) and was instead something far more terrible, and much less collectible. But this I could understand. Somehow it seems far more terrifying and unlikely that someone could have lived their life, and avoided all knowledge of The Sims (one, two, and three... not to mention all the hand held spin offs.) Really now – New Zealand - really.

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