Sunday, March 28, 2010


Alrighty, well let us look at today, shall we? Started off with a bowl full of cheerios, and over the next gew hours there were some chocolate bars involved. Delicious Caramilk bars. This would be food until night. And this was all good and fine, because – well – one meal a day sounds right for me.

Now it should be noted that breakfast was at around 11, as that's when I dragged myself back to life on the couch. I'd spent most of the night in and out of sleep uploading a good four or five gigs of videos that have been gathering on my memory cards for the last few months.

There's something nice about being in the tech capital of the world, and that is that there s some excellent internet access out here. Under normal instances those videos would never have made their way onto the web due to lack of ability to get them up – but now? In theory I'll re-integrate them with their correct posts – but not right now. You can check them out at my YouTube account if you please -

So there I was being awake, and of course that led to Uncharted, and then that led to watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And then there was some more media consumed, and some more video games – until the PS3 overheated and needed some time to cool down. So that was for the best.

Repeat this a few times and that brings us to about seven o'clock where it was decided that food would be a good thing. Food and a second PS3 controller. So off to Fry's. I had never seen a Fry's, though I knew of it from Douglas Coupland's Microserfs. Fry's is an everything store which has a tech focus. It also has themes. The one around here is Western theme complete with fake cactus, and wagon out front. Inside it continues with horses, and other such nonsense. My one comment as we entered, “why is this real?”

With PS3 controller in hand, and an impulse buy of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – value at twenty dollars – we headed off for food.

Another of my buddy's friends joined us for tasty Chicago style pizza. And it was there that my desire to head to Chicago grew. Not really to see the city as much as I'd like to eat the food there. I mean if this pizza was so good here, how could it be anything but perfection up there?

It was also at the pizza place that the guy at the table next to us drunkenly suggested that I might be an undercover cop he once worked with – and that if I wasn't, there was a job for me. Good to know. And part of me wondered, having watched a lot of COPS here, what would it really take to get a job working with the police? Infiltrating biker gangs didn't sound too appealing though.

It was then suggested to my buddy's friend that before he marries his girlfriend (dude at the table over had been paying good attention to our conversations) he should first go to Iceland, hook up with an Icelandic chick, eat some whale, and then get married. The drink dudes wife seemed to think this wasn't a terrible idea either. Strange things occur at the pizza shop.

The next six hours, until four in the morning, were consumed with watching media, games, and discussions about Star Trek, Star Wars, BSG – and how the last ten minutes destroyed the entire bloody series, and Star Gate.

While I recall that we watched a number of things ranging from Titan AE to the Family Guy Star Wars spoofs, I really only recall the Family Guy episodes. And how fantastic they were – what was I doing avoiding them for so long? During the other things conversation took over. I seem to recall a lot of time being needed to properly discuss the ramifications that the last ten minutes of Battlestar Galactica had on the entire series. It was that terribly terrible.

And then to prove that we were terribly geeky we scrolled though the plot summaries of all the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. Tragically when we were done going through them it was like we had actually seen them. There's a lot of tragic knowledge stored there.

I also had the pleasure of bringing the joys of Dr. Horrible to someone who had never seen it – and really should have. Unfortunately there wasn't time to watch Look Around You – also good. But, I did play some Robot Unicorn, and that – that made everything alright.

So yes, there it is – media consumption, terrible geekdom, and that's just fine. Hell, think of where I am – it's about par for the course, yeah?

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