Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toys and Train Food

Last day, and last person to meet up with. Another friend from high school – the brother of he whom I met days ago actually. Off we went for lunch.

And oh the lunch it was. But first we had to meet up. Choosing a station to meet in, but not an exit, it was more work than it needed to be, but not by much. It also allowed me to discover a DIY jewelry shop. While I may not have been able to find earrings here in Asia, they sold clasps and hooks that you could use to make your own. I had little Star Wars figures from capsules that came in sets (Anikan and Vader/Luke and Leia.) Now these pairs would be used to make earrings. While I think they are cute and lovely, I feel sorry for she who will have to wear them and pretend that she too finds them both cute and lovely.

I would also be on the look out for Mario charms to use for making more such earings.

Lunch was a giant bowl full of noodles with – well, with everything in it. Not knowing how to fully read Chinese, he said it's best to just get that one, and then there's no disappointment. And there wasn't. There also wasn't strange inside bits of animals in it either, so ordering everything didn't turn out to be as scary as it might have.

Once more, the food took a long time to eat. I'm noticing that about Asian food. They are no about the quick fix, but rather the slow burn. And this I like, as it grants ample time for socializing.

When at last the noodles were gone, the broth not being drained as I found myself quite full, we headed out to the streets where bubble tea awaited. That it costs only a dollar fifty, and not five dollars here is a wonderful and most delightful thing. I do so love tapioca in my beverage.

With drink in hand we began walking the streets. One lovely area that we discovered was a land of capsules and capsule toys removed from their packs. And outside? The Mario machine. I fed in coin after coin pulling Mario charms – another Lakitu. While I was so excited to get him in Tokyo, as I only got on more, my Tokyo Lakitu would need to go into the pair of earings as well. Also two puffs of cloud from Mario Wii that mean nothing to me, but are somewhat cute, were also grabbed. And one of those gophers. He'd replace my Lakitu in the jangle jar. Ohh – Lakitu? He's the guy who throws those spiky things at you that you can't kill without the Mario 3 power up boot.

Inside the shops I came across the set of Deathnote blind box figured. I picked one up in Hiroshima for just over five dollars. Here was the whole set of twelve for twelve dollars. How they're this cheap here, is beyond me. But I shall not question it – I will just buy. And though it meant more of my money being spent, I had no choice, not really. Same with the Final Fantasy VII wallet I saw. It was only five bucks. And while I knew that I didn't need it really, I would have regretted not having bought it. That's how we live – not to do things we enjoy, but to do things so we won't regret – the regret eating away at joy.

There's more to it, but – you know - black smith/black smith's son, and all that.

For hours we walked the tech and the toys, and the streets I'd somehow not known existed – which was very much for the best, otherwise I'd have had no money by this point at all.

With only a few coins left in my pocket, I put aside for 4.50 I'd need to take the train the next day, and said good-bye to my buddy, then made off for Toys R Us, to buy more Mario capsules.

They had a different kind there, ones that linked together, and little by little I bought enough to make a bracelet. And while I liked the coins from Hong Kong, and wanted to keep some of them, I required one more charm. And I had just five HKD left. I would need to commit. Goodbye coins, and hello functional bracelet. POW block, Yoshi eggs, fire flower, and more. What a charming wee thing.

Now there was just one problem – I still had no food for tomorrow's train. Nor did I have any money. I would need to find a super market. One that took credit cards.

As luck would have it walking back in the Underground from the toy shop, I happened on one. Not being held back by limited money was wonderful. Okinomiyaki chips! All sorts of buns! Donuts! Juices! Ahh, it was like Christmas, and sure I was paying for it, but not much – and I could get as much as I wanted.

And oh how I stocked up. Ready for my next days journey, it was a true delight.

I mean, sure, I'd end up buying some crepes and other treats that I saw in the train station the next day, but still – right now? It was a wonderful delightful feeling. Gorsh, I sure do love food.

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