Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art Island: Sydney Australia

When I left the hostel this morning something was strange, different. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It was as if, waking up, I looked into a mirror to discover myself clean shaven. Everything looked almost right, but there was one thing out of place that I just couldn't put my finger on it. For those concerned, it was not the lack of my beard – oh no – such a travesty has not yet befallen me.

After a moment, it hit me. The sky... it was blue. Such a rare occurrence in these parts, I could scarcely believe what I was seeing. Without hesitation I made my way down the street to the docks, a brief pause to buy some breakfast cake from the store, and finding the juice newly doubled in price, continuing without. A moment later a woman handed me a free bottle of some sort of orange drink. I do so love promotional advertising. It was surreal to see the street filled with people carrying orange bottles. Surely those not yet glancing upon the give away must have been more than a little confused.

Closer and closer to the docks – a final brief pause at a Mackers to check e-mail, and discovered that I had missed out on the Toronto Earthquake. Final messages were also sent off where they needed to go. And I informed all those concerned that the USA road trip must include Punxsutawney (this is what I get for watching Groundhog Day last night) and Astoria (who could resist a quick visit to the Goondocks?)

But then – oh yes, then – I headed to the docks, just at the right time. The hourly ferry to art island (cockatoo island) was about to leave. A two and a half month art festival in Sydney was underway, and if nothing else, it would provide me with a free trip across the waters. From my seat I was able to take even more pictures of the Opera House, which has still not become dull or drab to me. And I was able to see the city reflected against the waters edge.

With those few shots out of the way, I put my head down, and got back to the task of reading The Sooterkin. For sure, today, I will finish reading it. Just not on this journey.

Once I'd reached the island, I grabbed a free brochure listing all the galleries and headed out. Expecting modern art, I knew to keep my opinions to myself. All the while, an idea formulated about a video channel teaching people to make modern art. Like “You Suck at Photoshop,” but for – 'art.' I've toyed with this before, but if the future does hold time for me to distract myself with nothingness, and a future of my own creation, I may fall back onto this.

The island itself was worth a visit – with camp sites all around for those looking to spend the night. Over the years Cockatoo island has been a prison, and a shipyards. Buildings left over from these days now host the art exhibits. Some excellent – sculptures of Hindu gods made out with modern peoples, while others were more at home in the Shanghai world expo – various video screens suspended.

Some pieces were terrible in their modernity – splashy paintings with different glossy coats. Others at least made you think, huh, isn't that weird – cards hung from roofs with starburst lights around them.

There were also weird cross dressing movies far more akin to the painfully pornographic Alice in Wonderland musical of decades past; others were films of a man recreating a water torture on a girl, before flinging her across the room.

Everything is art. Very well.

I walked through a tunnel under the rocks, and saw the green grass against blue sky. And taking the ferry back across the bay? More pictures snapped away.

All in all, this day was a success for me, with or without being blown away by the pieces that I saw.

I also want to make note of the fact that I watched myself some Empire Records today, and this movie works on so many levels. Also – this, being the second time I've watched the movie since i became “older”, and no longer watch it from the kids perspective, but instead Joe's... nothing but respect for that character.

Let us live blog the movie.

02:22 – Renee Zellwegger's name displays as creidts. She is uncharacteristically attractive in this movie. Good for her. Also – Lucas hasn't become crazy, and self reflective yet. Hard to notice, but important – otherwise you'd think him always the crazy philosopher. This is not the case.

7:47 – It strikes me that Mark may be the same actor as UV from Disturbing Behaviors. Lack of internet does not let me check this. I hope it is true, as the voices are down, and I dig both movies – I will defend Disturbing Behaviors no matter how may people say it's, “bad, wrong, wrong, bad, bad, bad, wrong”

14:25 – the perfect explanation of what money does, and the origins of thought.

14:31 – coins are spilled, which are eventually glued, which led to my house's main hobby during the summer of 2009.

17:00 – despite the fact that Joe just lost 9000 bucks, he still takes the time to care about his little people. This is as if students had stolen that money from me – Joe rises above it, and still manages to think of the others, and their issues first. Joe starts his role as being the greatest human being of all time.

19:22 – Deb's seemingly spontaneous head shaving seems thought out as there was an electric razer kicking around.

19:50 – 1:37, that's an excellent time.

21:15 – Lucas completes his transformation... “What's with today, today?”

23:00 – Joe was gonna report the robbery. Fate steps in – well, not fate. More the fact that police always put you on hold.

25:45 - “Put these in the boxes.” There are other employees here that did not show up on this day of work. Imagine missing this one day at work. Terrible.

23:37 – where in the greatest way to deal with shoplifters is outlined.

32:15 – the first moment Warren becomes less than upset at being apprehended for shoplifting, and Renee's character proves she was not, in fact, getting ready to serve him to their next one hundred and fifty customers. If ever one tries to figure out how many staff are on the floor – it will leave people wondering how things are run. Especially with Rex (our delightful villain if one were needed) newly arrived.

39:05 – Jane makes a life changing decision, and drops it on Joe's plate, of all people. What is Joe supposed to do? Yet he deals with it – just another in a line of Joe issues that he deals with behind the scenes, kept away from the wee ones. Also – her eyes? Contacts, yeah?

41:10 – Mitchel Beck, our other villain is introduced, and is for some reason seen as evil, despite the fact that he's just trying to run his shop, and takes things petty much in stride. All in all? He too is a good guy – just doesn't care about music.

43:32 – where in I am reminded of way too many of my friends from High School – and, you know, myself too. Followed directly by the next scene which reminds me of the same people. Imagine that, we're not all two dimensional. Though as this movie takes place during one day, I'd wager these characters aren't either.

47:03 – Deb proves to be a more human character; Joe tries to saddle more issues – but why? Escape from his own stuff? Deb demonstrates that she wants someone to help her, “I feel so much better,” reminding us all that teens are a fickle and confusing lot.

53:18 – Question the first: Why does Cory take her bra off? Question the second: Why does she then become a total bitch? Speed notwithstanding.

54:24 – Gina's magic trick – probably less magic, and more Cory having mentioned it. Why this is only hitting me now, is beyond me.

57:58 – Joe has a wee little freak out, and then explains to all the people in the store issues that they know nothing about. It was this moment that also added superb to my vernacular. Probably not for the best. It is also demonstrated that at times, physical punitive actions are the best for all parties involved.

101:36 - “Have I fired anyone else today? No. Why would I start with you?”

102:35 – Joe gets another issue to deal with. Stolen money, store sold, Deb's suicide attempt, Jane's quitting, Cory's drug addiction. And does he hold it together, aside from beating Lucas a bit? Sure does.

104:33 – Would GWAR still be as well known without this movie? And – how fast do those brownies hit him?

105:40 – Jane comes back, where did she go? It's best not to think of it. As she's not a kid, her issues aren't real, and don't matter in the context of this film. Luckily the kids have another issue – the fake funeral for Deb. Another question. Why do they have funeral decorations in the shop? And why would leaving Mark on the floor by himself seem a good idea? Also – these teen melodrama say everythings... Man, nothing fictional at all. Remember the years that ended with teen? Ai ya. So then we stop thinking/acting these ways. Why is that again? And what must Jane think of all this? Works well for Joe.

110:41 – Warren returns. Where did he get a gun? And how in hell does this turn into him getting a job? Joe – Joe – Joe... how can be possibly deal with this?

117:50 – Mitch likes Music Town because they have higher prices. Strange to think of a world where the big stores got away with higher prices. Thank you Wal-Mart.

118:50 – This movie? Brilliant sound track. Sadly, Gina's version of 'Sugar High' is better than the real version – and it was never recorded. Just like the future tune from Bill and Ted's.

123:48 – Cory – still on the drugs here. So is Mark, presumably. Whom else is under some artificial... whatevers?

125:02 – Joe is the outsider. Seen.

127:18 – I don't think I ever realized in all the times I've seen this movie – that there were “during the credits” scenes.

129:43 – 1995? Ai ya.

You know, there's a market for one of those iPhone games where you run around upgrading your store, and doing the same tasks over and over in a fast twitchy way, with the Empire Records license. The staff could have their own stats too. Just saying

Good night.

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