Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Christchurch Museum, and - you know - stuff

So, I woke up, yeah? And then I peeked outside. It was grey. It was not happy. It was time to go back to sleep. And then I, like, woke up again and so when I looked outside, right, it wasn't better. Actually there was this ice falling from the sky and it was hail and so I said back to sleep and then I went back to bed. But then, like, the next time, right? The next time, I woke up and the sky was blue, so that was good, and so I got up and that's how my day began.

After I got out of bed I made my way for the kitchen which I was told was poorly stocked, but stocked none the less. I'm not going to lie, I have come around to oats. You get your oats, you put in your boiling water, and maybe some brown sugar? It's great. I started off with this as a food option when we were taking the truck through Africa. Then I forgot it for six months – but now? Now my love of oats are back. Maybe a little jam in the future? Perhaps some yogurt? I'm not sure. But I will keep my kitchen stocked with this in the future. And a kettle. That would be good too.

All these things that normal people discovered when they were younger, I had no concept of until I was aged. Oats is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Examples:

Eggs – I had them once when I was five or so, and I did not like them. It wouldn't be until I moved away to university that I discovered how wonderful a fried egg could be.

Mayonnaise – I discovered this the same year as I discovered eggs.

Nutella – I just came around to that this year, and my lord what have I been missing out on? Chocolate for breakfast? For some reason Canada refuses to allow the sale of Cookie Crisp, but this chocolate spread is fine and dandy?

Then we get onto things like asparagus, and tomatoes, and – well – anything that isn't white bread (ohh rye bread – that changed my world! Also during the university years.), kraft dinner, ketchup, cheddar cheese in giant orange and white block form (real cheese – what an eye opener that was.) and – ohh burgers. Yeah, I knew them. I want to say there were some more things I knew, and surely there were – hot dogs, pickles, and... yeah that's it.

Strangely enough I didn't like hot dogs back in the day. And for those following this years worth of posts, that might seem a terribly impossible fact, as I am now willing to say I am a hot dog connoisseur – much as it pains me to admit.

But enough of this. Oats are good. Let us move on. When I finally stepped outside, I thought – hah! Foolish weather, it's beautiful out. I didn't need to take a bus to town. And with a price of 2.80 I was not feeling too hard done by by giving up this ride. Of course, fifteen minutes into my walk, the blue was replaced by grey, and the sky opened and down came the rain in large heavy sheets, just as I reached the park – pride and joy of this Garden City.

Not to worry though, as I was about to head inside, to the museum, the rain cleared and the sun came out again.

The Christchurch museum, apart from being free, is actually quite lovely. It has one section that reminds me of the Royal Manitoba Museum (quite possible my favourite of all museums that lacks dinosaurs.) The objects from the last hundred years of local importance are arranged in recreated storefronts, and within constructed buildings. You learn about the town by walking through one recreated. Plus – they had a penny farthing you could get on and peddle. Who knew it was named after the two coins the wheel sizes represented?

There was just one section I did not see – the shell hut. It looked like it would have been interesting, but it would have required checking my bag, and I had no patience for that. I missed out, I'm sure.

There were dinosaurs here. Albertosurus. Sweet.

Next up? Rutherford. Apparently he's a big deal – you know, Nobel prize and all? You can walk through a recreation of his offices here, and have him talk to you through pseudo holographic magic and – well – actors. It's only slightly strange, mind you then you walk into a lecture hall and his invisible ghost starts writing on the chalk board while addressing you, so things don't get less strange with time.

When I was done with my spectral experience I headed off to the library. On my way I took a picture of the Cathedral – the sky was still blue, so it looked peaceful. It would rain a few moments hence. Strange weather they have here. I bought a German sausage from a cart with that castle down in Fussen on it. There was free sauerkraut and that was lovely, grilled onions too, but... then I had to choose what one of many mustards I wanted. Just one? Ai ya. I think I would have preferred it if the pieces were all on a plate, then it would have seemed better value. Don't question my logic.

The sausage? Not Germany good. Not Singapore good. But then I've been told that, unlike many places in the world, food on carts in New Zealand? Sub-par rather than the best.

Right – the library. Sat down, read some comics, and a WWE magazine (I have no chance of catching up with that nonsense.)

Comics. I quite like them. Fact. They're quite comforting. There was a graphic novel – Flood – it was a sequel to Blood Song. Who needs words to tell a compelling tale?

And then? Then it was a quick bus back to where I was staying, to be greeted by the brothers of she whom I knew, all playing Modern Warfare 2 on the 360. Some time may have been lost to this. I may have died – a lot. But then, as I realized there was no point loss for suicides, I grabbed the rocket launcher and started to rise through the ranks, much to the screams of the twelve year old claiming I was, “cheap,” and couldn't do anything without the, “noob tube.” Pssh – whatever? Big talk from a, “camper” sniper.

Again there was food. I love food. And dinners with large families. Large large chaotic families. It's always good fun. At one point the youngest started to make a new shopping list, and it was as wonderful as anyone could have possibly predicted.

Shopping List
Ice Cream
Assorted Junk Food
Lunch Stuff

It reminded me of Kevin. I got the milk, eggs, and fabric softener.

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