Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lazy Day in Hawaii

Woke up at six, as “Jack” and his girlfriend headed out. Woke up again at eight to drop their key off for them, once the office opened. Office was still closed. Woke up at ten, and dropped their stuff off. At noon I finally decide to take a shower – that would be a good idea, yeah? My back right wisdom tooth is also hurting, as it tends to do once a year or so – this time I wonder if it might, for real, need to be pulled – only because this would be a most terrible time to need such a thing. At two thirty I finally begin my day.

And my day doesn't even last that long. Two hours outside? A slight recap of yesterday? But you know what. I'm on vacation – and there are two things to know about vacation, one.) you can be lazy, and two.) (most importantly when in Hawaii) “You don't have'ta clean yo' room WHEN – you – on – va-CATION!”

Well, I'm not in a hotel, so I do have to clean my room – but moving on.

Before I went out from noon to two thirty, I lounge around in the room, the breeze blowing through the slated windows, reading my Hyper magazine. Finishing it up. And it was a great use of time. A real piece of down time for which I didn't feel at all guilty, nor did I feel like I was doing it because it needed to be done (as I sometimes find myself thinking when writing about the day.)

I just was. It was wonderful. It as a great feeling. Then I read a book someone had left about the worlds worst kidnappers, and murderers (top 501 – not as fun.)

Outside, I walked down to the burger joint in search of a Root beer shake I'd seen advertised the day before. It wasn't very root beery (why is beery not a misspelled word? Where's the red underline. I know beery is not berry, so what does it mean?) – but it was a giant glass of thick ice cream, so that had its moment too. The burger? Still good.

Then I hung around on the beach, in the shade of a tree, trying to read – but finding myself more than anything just wanting to pass out and fall asleep. Surrounded by people this didn't seem like the best action for me to choose and so I headed back, stopping in once more at the Apple store, because I could. With nothing new, it wasn't as interesting or as fun, but it was a break of air conditioning before I set out once more. At five I was back home, and I was doing all of nothing. I can't even recall how the time as spent. An hour went by without notice. By seven thirty I was thinking about dinner – but that seemed like more of an eight thirty or nine type thing. Lets just see how things progress – maybe head down to the International Food court again and try out some Korean food? Food budget be damned. I'm on vacation.

It happened again – I found myself waking up, without ever agreeing to actually falling asleep. But this was good. I was rested, I had an excuse to shower, and then I headed out for a bite to eat. The International Food Court was ahead of me.

Now, sure, I didn't actually know where it was – but I had a pretty good idea where I was headed. I knew it was away from the ocean, and that was a start. There was also a tourist market near by. One turn, two turns, and down the street things started to look familiar. There was a food court. A food court, you must note, not the food court. Some how I had screwed myself up and wandered directly towards the ocean, and I was now facing the mall's court. Hungry, and still exhausted, I was in no mood to search any more. Down I went into Taco Bell.

I don't actually like Taco Bell, at least I didn't think I did. Tiffany's girl kept going on and on about how she only ate refined, classy food – but would casually drop her love of Taco Bell, which I just noticed, trying to reduce down to initials is almost as awkward as claiming you love Dr. Pepper, when also reduced to its two letter abbreviation.

This, mixed with the line “I love hospitals! / No you don't! You love Taco Bell!” taken from Basketball kept the fast food eatery in my mind. There was no resiting. And while I was picking up food, why not grab a pan pizza from Pizza Hut for breakfast tomorrow?

I would be waking up early to head out to Pearl Harbour – if you get there too late, you'll miss your chance to get to the USS Arizona – and will not be able to get any food for breakie. So, two missions accomplished, I headed back, did some reading, and passed out once more. I briefly woke at three when the lovely lady sharing the bunk returned from her late night Twilight movie watching. Apparently, “it was good.”

I wouldn't know.

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