Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where's My Okonomiyaki

June 27th, 2010. Part two!

Aside from my rant on the Toronto riots, what else did I do on this day, some may be wondering. Basically it broke down like this:

Wake up, grab a banana in pajamas (banana surrounded by cake and cream), ... ... ... Hungry Jacks, library, internet, read about the riots. Then reply to some emails from people talking about riots.

I had the audacity to suggest (as I did in my last post) that riots and protests that were more than people sitting around being hungry, have – historically – served the greater good, only to then read the reply, “we are no longer friends.” It would almost be comical if it wasn't for the fact that my next few messages went unanswered. (time zones? Anger? Who can say. Great fun to get whilst on the road, I assure you.)

As I wrote in my last entry, some people let their emotions run wild – but, better to stand your ground, and do what you think is best, say what you think is right, rather than shy away for fear of making waves. Waves – they make the world better, yeah? They cause change anyway.

I like change.

Hours later after reading, and writing to the extent that I could, I left the library. I was hungry. But I had no desire for another burger. It finally happened, I couldn't eat any more burgers, no more sundaes, no more fires – despite how good the sweet and sour sauce is.

I wanted Okonomiyaki!

Curse you Tokyo Gary, curse you! Why would you introduce me to such a food? My life was so simple before I knew of it, yet now? Now there is this one food that I crave. Never mind that Sydney is full of Japanese restaurants. You'd think it would be easy, yes? No!

I walked into, and checked out the menus of, no less than ten Japanese restaurants in the walk from the state library to Westend Nomad's hostel. They do not have this food. They have ramen, udon, all sorts of sushi – but no, nothing that I craved. I wandered through street after street, finding nothing – failing again and again, and again.

Finally I accepted that I would have a kabab. I should have had a kangaroo kabab, but I didn't see that option until I had ordered. I've eaten kangaroo before, back in Iceland, anyway.

It was good – but my Japanese pizza, noodle, brown goo, mayo treat it was not.

Back to the hostel, pack up my gear, shower, and set the alarm – then listened to some podcasts, playing frozen bubbles clearing the 100 levels in 160 minutes (over an hour faster than in Buenos Aires) – curse you level 70, 89, and 100.

Check out would be 10am tomorrow morning, and then off to the airport. Good bye Australia, good bye brave new world, and soon – soon I'll be back in North America. Strangely enough, I'll be in North America at 8am tomorrow morning.

I'll explain later.

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