Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back in Port Charlotte

The note left on the windscreen worked. Garbage was on the street, and the car had been moved. All was well in the world once more.

Waking up early I started to – well I started to blog. There's no way around it. There had been a number of days to do, and the wrestling events required their own entries. Each night at Universal I was far too tired to do anything but sleep afterwards. And now it was all catching up to me. The lack of a fully functional D key still held me back. It still does. I can only guess how many times the word “an” exists where it should read “and.” Spell checker and my eyes help me catch a lot, but they're probably but a drop in the bucket. There's no way spell checker can help with the an/and problem.

When I'd typed up three entries I figured that would be good enough. To the library. But first to Books-a-Million where we were told a copy of Scott Pilgrim 6 would be kept waiting for us. I had lessened my excitement as we'd been foiled in this quest many times before – but now? Now? They had it! With glee I paid, and then off to use the public computers at thelibrary.

Katherine emailed her family while I fought to get the blog updated. I then noticed that I could toss Facebook images up once more. I had lost the ability to do that on my laptop back in Australia, or New Zealand, but here on these computers I could work some magic. Their new Flash Uploader? Terrible on these comps, and in two hours (max limit here) I barely got four hundred images up. OK – most people don't have a thousand pictures to toss onto facebook, but some of us do, alright?

During that time I was able to read Scott Pilgrim, though. And let me say volume six? It's the first really well written one. He has clearly matured as a writer over the past six years. The only problem – he retcons, and changes character motivation. As there was a four month gap in time, I can understand things would have changed – but my favourite character Kim was written out. She went from being a main character into showing up on maybe five or so pages. The author also manages to ret con the moment where Scott works to fight hard to win her love, changing it to a false memory implant.

I dig the Final Fantasy VII shout out here, but please – if you're an author and your realize that you scripted yourself into a corner, write your way out. Deus Ex Machina works well when it's a joke, as in the previous volume, but here? Having Kim tell Scott that they were never that great, and having her say they can never be together – after five volumes of Kim being silently in love with him, well that's just crap. Not to mention it meant dropping the angle where Ramona was so obsessed with Kim as well. Ugh, but that ret con – where Scott's battle was a false memory... I can't let that go. Not because I don't like the idea of it being a false memory – but because other characters in the “present” talk about the battle, which means it must have happened, and couldn't just be a fake memory of Scotts.

I've not been so disappointed in an ending since Strangers in Paradise, where they completely changed how it would finish (the first pages showed the end – but then September 11th happened, the author got sad, and decided to make a happy ending, which – again – would have been fine, if he rewrote a new beginning too. Ai ya.)

The things that upset me most, are those that had so much potential to be great. I look forward to the movie as it was all written as one. It's easy to forgive someone for changing their thoughts during a six year span. Things happen. And as I said, volume six? Quite well written. So there's that. Scott Pilgrim. Done.

After the library – and many more books bought at the book sale. Ai ya – what am I going to do? One was a sweet hard cover collected Lord of the Rings for only a buck fifty though – so that's good, yeah?

Well, after that excitement we headed off to Wal-Mart to buy some more food, then retired back to our home to eat said food, and finish watching season three of the Venture brother. After that? Off to sleep.

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