Friday, July 23, 2010

Florida Beaches and Library Internet

Up and at them, early in the morning. Our destination today? The beach. Finding a great big umbrella attached to a vampire destroying, or sand securing, spike sealed the deal on this one. We could go to the beach, read some books, look at some water, and – you know – be beachy.

Of course, there were a few things I needed to take care of first. Dropping Katherine off, I headed over to the library to use the internet. There were three issues I had to take care of, not the least of which was the hospital from New Zealand trying to charge me for services I had already paid for. My records are clearly marked paid in full. One wonders what happened on their end. Some trans-pacific faxing is in order.

Couple the three issues that needed a quick fix (I'll have to return tomorrow to follow up on them) with getting blogs and photos live, then mix in the fact that my data sticks were giving me problems as I attempted to secure the latest episode of True Blood, fold in the travel time and by the time I returned to the beach my quick little outing had taken two hours.

For me, they were hours of annoyance and frustration. For Katherine, they were pretty relaxing. She enjoyed the water, and from what I can piece together, conversed with a gargantuan Rastafarian about better beaches in the area.

The one we were at was the small dinky one, but it was the only I had any idea of how to get to. This giant told her about Englewood, which we would have headed over to if not for the fact that it was forty minutes away. Not just forty minutes away, but only five or ten minutes from where we were yesterday.

Last time we were in Port Charlotte, my parents took us both to a long beach ripe with shark teeth. That's where I wanted to head – but not knowing the name, we contented ourselves with the fact that, surely my parents would reply to my email and inform us. Perhaps this weekend would be the perfect time to wander those shores.

Done with her relaxing, and limited beach activities, Katherine threw her gear in the car. The beach would be a pipe dream for me on this day. In failure, I drove across the bay bridge, and stopped at a restaurant with a back patio overlooking the ocean. I had been here once before, and it might just be the best kept secret in the area. Unfortunately it will stay as one, as I've never paid attention to what it was called. Crossing the bridge towards Fisherman's Village, from Port Charlotte, it is directly on the right, seemingly part of a hotel.

Do not let the hours on the door claiming that it opens at 3pm fool you. From 11 – 3pm this steak house serves lunch. And what a lunch. A half pound burger and fries for 4.99, or a foot long sandwich, which turns out to be a foot and a half long, for 5.99. You'd expect to pay more than double for this food, and then toss on another fifty percent for location, but no – there's no need. Not only that, but you'll have the sea side patio almost to yourself. It seems no one knows about this place. They must have the worst marketing of all time.

If you find it, be sure to return often. I'd hate to roll up one day, finding it gone. Feel free to grab a pint of Land Shark Lager while you're at it. Personally I'm not a fan of those golden clear bottle beers, but I do like a good SNL skit. Next up, Samurai Beer?

Bellies full and happy, we wandered Fisherman's village, finding a map of all the surrounding beaches. Now if only we knew the name of the one we were after. The game store on the board walk drew us in. So many games, but so high a price. I'd like to play them all, especially Goblet or Gobbles or whatever that checkers/Russian doll game is called.

But no, we satisfied ourselves by simply looking, and retired back home to watch the delightful Vampire television show I had procured. With that done, I set to typing away, while Katherine decided to ride an imaginary bicycle. Some type of yoga, I suspect. Or pilates. That sounds like a word that might fit. I'm not really sure, aside from that there is a mat involved.

This seems like an excellent time to break open that copy of Congo I bought yesterday. Super smart killer apes. What could be better?

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