Thursday, July 22, 2010

Florida Begins

At six in the morning I wake up to the ringing of the door bell. I can't remember what I wore, if I wore, when I answered the door. A man was there. The owner of the car. He asked if we were staying here. I said yes. He mumbled something about moving his car down the street. I didn't know who he was, where he was from, or why he shouldn't already have a place for his car – I didn't question it. I was on four hours of sleep at this point, I moved the car, put ours back in, locked up, locked the house, and passed out in bed once more.

At a more reasonable hour I woke up, and took stock of what we had in the fridge, what we would need to buy. There is no phone, no tv, an no internet here (though I believe there is some interwebs in the local library.) I swept all the ants away, while Katherine vacuumed as many as she could out of the carpets. Then? Then we went to IHOP. This place is killing our food budget, and no doubt killing us. But their cheese steak is far better than those served in Philly. And their breakfasts? Wonderful – and pretty cheap too.

Also, it was on the way to the mall. The mall was sad, and dead, and depressing. The Target? That was alright. But pretty overpriced. I did buy Monopoly Deal, however – a Monopoly card game I'd seen some Chinese girls playing back in Venice, Italy. I couldn't ask them how it worked, they spoke no English, but it looked fun.

Then to Wal-Mart. Here things were cheaper than Target, and we picked up some silicon sealant for the tent, as well a head lamp, and all sorts of Rolled Back food.

With our fridge now stocked, we set down to serious business: Monopoly Deal. We must have played a dozen games, enjoying them all. I recommend this five dollar card game. We play with just the two of us, but the box claims it's good for four. While I'm sure it's more fun that way, it still stands out as a great two player game.

Frozen pizza was baked, and devoured. Then we set to watching the first four episodes of True Blood, which I'd downloaded some time ago, preparing for the time when we would have no tv, yet still be in need of some visual entertainment. We also watched the first episode of The Pacific. Though not nearly as good as the first episode of Band of Brothers, I have high hopes for the continuation of this series.

We didn't do much, and that's alright. Taking some time to relax – for me, the first time since New Zealand? I'm alright with that. I do fear we'll get lazy the longer we stay here though. And we will be in Florida for some time. There needs to be a few days spent at Universal Studios, and then a day at Kennedy Space Centre (maybe? Hopefully.) We need to go to the Keys, and we might as well stay here to plan the next phase of our journey, as it's – you know – free and all.

We'll become so lazy, I fear, that it will jar us to start moving on again. We'll see.

Katherine caught a lizard.

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