Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogs I'm Reading.

You may be expecting a Tokyo Picture Blog [number three of five.] It's coming later today. But if you were looking for it now, will be sadly disappointed. To be honest, the five picture blogs were created to give me some time to plot ahead with future posts, and get myself established.

A break like this is most appreciated. However, if you were eagerly waiting for the third post you can blame Overland Wannabe who tagged me. Now I need to write seven things about myself that you don't know.

  • I had to walk ten kilometers down a service road in the mountains of B.C. to find a trailer home in the middle of nowhere. (The story to this will be revealed as the final part in my upcoming "cross Canada" saga that begins after the Tokyo-Photo Blitz.

  • I use the show Departures as a teaching tool in my lessons.

  • I am terrified being in a new city, before I have a bed for the night (not that this ever stops me. But, there is the fear of sleeping on the streets, when you don't know what streets are safe.)

  • I always wanted to be a traveling photo-journalist, and this blog is one step closer to actualizing that.

  • I am trying to justify visiting Antarctica next March as part of my world trip. The only thing holding me back is it would require a very different set of clothes.

  • I actually love my teaching job, and giving it up for the upcoming year was a lot harder than people tend to assume.

  • I have seen Wicked with three different casts, and hope to see it with at least two more.

  • Bonus: When other people are searching for cheap rum to bring back home, I'm normally found searching for the cheapest hot sauce. I buy twenty dollar bottles at trade shows. My tongue hates me.
Now I need to tag seven other blogs. Some of which have surely already been tagged.

Cool Travel Guide is a very well written blog. It offers very insightful articles and is currently running a lot of information about the fires in Australia.

Folie a Deux not only has a fantastic name, but is also often written in a very conversational voice which makes it a very unique and engaging experience.

If you want to take a look at a very beautiful blog, be sure to check out Pret a Voyager as it often has fantastic graphic designs, and photography.

The Caffeinated Traveler is best looked at as a quest story. The quest for the perfect cup of coffee. Along the way, you can pick up any number of tips and insights. I've already had parts of my future trip influenced by this site.

America in 100 Days misleads you with its more than 100 day countdown, but don't let that stop you from tagging along on this journey. For anyone who, vicariously, wants to see the states - this is the way.

The Professional Hobo is another great site that offers great writing, and some terrible deep archives. I'm waiting for that rainy day to read through them all. Doesn't seem like many of those on the horizon. Though, with the snow melting...

And for the final blog? Observations. It's a good time. What more is there to say?


  1. I read some of these already, and will be checking the others out - thanks for the tips!!

  2. Hey thanks for the write up, its good to know that my travels can influence someone as bitten as you.

  3. I actually laughed when I read your second bullet.

    I do the same. I actually have a taped copy of the first episode and the last episode of Departures' first season, which are about their travels in Canada, in my classroom. I have it in handy whenever we have a snow day, which will be a perfect time to show the episode. Of course, I'll have to fast forward through some of the scences, such as the infamous moments when Andre, I think, got stuck between a bed and a wall.

  4. Thanks for the link and glad you've been enjoying it! I've been enjoying your comments.

  5. Good list including a couple I'd not heard of.


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