Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tokyo Japan: Life in Pictures [2 of 5] Harajuku

The gates to Harajuku street.

Snoopy Town, for all your Snoopy needs?

Welcome to Harajuku on Sunday

All the Elvises were out in full force.

Harajuku Girls congregate together.

52 Costuming days a year... So much better than Halloween.

I saw this costume in Departures. I wish I knew what it was.

Round One: Fight.

Custom painted Optimus Prime helmets are fantastic.

Inside guts of a subway ticket machine.

The subway can be a fast paced rush...

...or a relaxing jaunt from station to station.

Godzilla hides in Ginza, standing only a foot and a half tall.

Inside the Sony building are crazy Moon Toilets.

Beware when randomly pressing buttons. Results may vary.

Just down the road lies this public toilet.

Neat the Fish Market lies an alley way full of restaurants which make a perfect lunch.

Noodle shops on the side of the street also offer a break from hunger.

Shibuya's Love Hotel Hill is a beautiful place to walk at night.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, it's coming back.

There are few places more interesting than Harajuku on a Sunday. If you get off the JR line at Harajuku station, and turn ever so slightly, to view the bridge - well, you'll see it far before you'll understand it.

Watching the various people in costume: The men and women dressed to 1950s movie of the week style, and the Harajuku Girls - far removed from Gwen Stefani videos - will be out in full force.

Sure you could go to Harajuku any day of the week. But a Harajuku Sunday? Well that's something else entirely!

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