Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back to Basics

My updates have been slim as of late. And there is an excuse for that, although not an entirely good one in regards to the web-o-sphere. It is the end of the school year, and as such there was been nothing but projects, tests, and marking. Terrible terrible amounts of projects, tests, and marking.

I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to start focusing on Toronto – and this is true. The summer months are definitely giving me a reason to get out and about and explore my city. However, I’d like to first finish off some topics I’d alluded to some time past. These will include the Canada West road trip, and the Road Trip to Columbus Ohio.

The Road Trip
If there’s one thing that every group of friends needs to partake in, it’s a classic road trip. A journey filled with terrible music (or in this case, far more terrible podcasts.) Along the path you’ll find fast food, snacks, a terrible need to use a restroom when none present themselves, and long onward stretching nights on the road.

My journey would take me from the simple, sensical side of Canada to the inconceivable world of the United States of America. Belt sizes would increase, jesus would become far more prevalent on t-shirts, and the most fantastic outlet/strip malls would overtake the horizon.

Delicious fast food, unheard of in the unassuming north, would present wondrous opportunities for savory sensations. Bookstores would offer 95% off sales, on the most needed treasures. Motels would – well, cheap one night motels are the same the continent over. These were the places I would travel. these are the things I would do.

Ohh – and there was a soccer game too. Right, I almost forgot.

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