Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer's on it's Way!

Sunday saw a vibrant return to life in the city. A number of things were responsible for this, I'm sure, but for me it was simply the sunny sky. I could walk around in my M.E.C. purchased closed toe sandals, feeling pretty fantastic with myself. Ohh, how I watched as my pile of potential marking piled up and up and up. But that didn't concern me (mind you, I'll be staying up late the next few nights to get through it all.) No, it was a beautiful day and I had just purchased a new camera. It was time to get out there and see the city.

I started off walking down Front Street, passing by the memorial to all those who died in industrial accidents. Some died by being killed in a bread mixer, others dies in an explosion in a fruit juice factory. Each plaque, a reminder - work place safety is everyone's concern. Think about that next time you're asked to stand inside a human sized blender (also known as a bread mixer.) David Ellis' parents will always remember. Coincidentally, my school had an assembly about him last month.

My main goal for the day was going to a Hot Doc (Toronto's Documentary film festival) but I had some time to kill, so I thought - why not take in three innings or so of the Blue Jay's game? I saw two home runs, and got a ticket that I could later use for pizza. When I left the Rogers Centre (read: Sky Dome) the street car moved me much faster than I had anticipated. I decided for a brief stop at Kensington Market to photograph the graffiti there. This was a trip I'd long since put off.

And then it was just a quick walk to the Royal Cinema on College.

Toronto - some people will tell you it's a small city, or that there's nothing to do: They're just not trying hard enough. It's a great city, a beautiful city; it's my city.

Over the next little while, you'll see some Toronto Highlights, tourist suggestions, and all number of other local things which may include restaurant reviews, and local hot spots. If you're planning to be in the Greater Toronto Area, stay tuned.

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