Friday, May 1, 2009

Departures: Video Clips and More

For the record, I'd just like to point out that this site is not about Justin Lukach or his girlfriend. Why, this site isn't even about Scott Wilson. In fact, this site has very little to do with the show Departures.

With that being said, I will cater to those who click on my links. So here, for you all, is yet another Departures special.

Departure's Video Clips
Season One Introduction

Season Two Introduction

Deleted Scene: Green Fashion

Deleted Scene: Taj Mahal or Batmobile? Justin Lukach being himself

Departures Interviews
Departures on E-Talk

Departures Links
Departures Entertainment
Departures Episode Guide
Departures: Wikipedia Entry

So who am I:
I'm a teacher who is planning to travel the world for a year, inspired by the show Departures. I will be travel blogging along the way, perhaps shooting my own videos now and then (as memory allows. Fun Fact: A 24 minute HD video requires a full 8GB memory card.)

You can read about my previous trips to Japan, New York City, and across Canada. You can also read about my planning for my Around the World Trip.

On my trip, I will be vising a number of the locations Scott Wilson, Justin Lukach, and Andre Dupuis went to on their own journeys. The overlap will be Canada, India, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Zambia, Chile, and Antarctica.

If you'd like to see those countries from a different perspective, please feel free to check back regularily.

Happy travels.

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