Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotlight on Hardee's

Hardee's Restaurant opened in 1960 and is the fourth largest hamburger selling restaurant in the United States of America. In fact, it trails only behind McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's.

Just like McDonalds, Hardee's featured kid's meals - offering up such delightful toys as the California Raisins.

Only now do I realize that it was at Hardee's, back when I was in grade three, that I aquired my personified raisin toys.

As mentioned in my previous post Hardee's is well known for there fantastically caloric foods. By putting gross amounts of food on top of gross amounts of food, Hardee's has tapped into a market ripe for the picking. In fact their flagship burger is the Monster Thick Burger.

What is the Monster Thick Burger one might ask? Well - it is a double bacon cheeseburger slathered with Mayo. It is your daily recommended intake of fat, and then some. It is over 1400 calories all in one neat little package. It is... disgusting, and unfortunately, quite delicious.

There is marketing genius in American fast food chains that I am only now learning of. This is a constant through a number of chains: loads of food, for low prices. The idea being that if it's cheap to order mass quantities of food, you'll do it. But then you'll acclimatize to the amount of food. And the next time you'll order more, and more - each time becoming use to the food.

Now - I'm still not sure the purpose of this, unless they're in line with the privatized health care system - as it's just as profitable to make people pay more for less, as we do here in "the Canada." But - I'm sure there's something more to it.

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